Colour and Finish Selection

Breezway offers an extensive range of colours and finishes, many with optional colour matched handles and clips.

Selecting the Right Aluminium Finish


Altair Louvre windows are available in three different surface finishes: 25 micron anodised, standard powder coating and high performance powder coating under warranty from Dulux and Akzo Nobel.

Powder coatings are polyester coatings from leading powder suppliers applied to a thickness of 50 μm and anodised finishes are to a thickness of 25 μm. Over time, weathering of powder coated surfaces should be expected, resulting in a gradual change in appearance. This will be evident in loss of gloss, chalking, colour change and erosion of the powder coatings. Selecting the right powder for the atmospheric conditions of the site and correct maintenance will be critical to the ongoing appearance of the finish.

The application of high durability powder will reduce this deterioration and is essential for severe industrial, coastal or tropical environments.

Note: Industry accepted colour variation can occur during the aluminium anodising process.

ProductFilm Integrity WarrantyColour IntegrityRecommended End Use
Interpon D1000 Dulux Duralloy10 years7 yearsResidential and Light Commercial to 3 Levels; and more than 100 metres from any salt water or surf line
Interpon D2525 Dulux Duratec25 years15 yearsCommercial Prominent and Coastal
Clear anodised 25 µm10 years10 yearsSuitable for all environments including; severe, industrial, coastal or tropical environments

Powder Coated Aluminium Window Colour Chart


These colours are available with optional colour matched handles and clips. Some colour variation between aluminium and plastic can occur.

Our Standard Colour Range is listed below or view our Standard Colour Brochure. Please contact Breezway if you require a hard copy.

Please Note: Powdercoated and plastic finishes may vary.

To learn more about how to care for your aluminium finishes, please visit the Care & Maintenance page.

NOTE: These colours are indicative only and may not exactly reflect their true colour due to differences in screen calibration.

Anodic Bronze Satin GY114A

Anotec Silver Grey Matt 27251272

Black Satin GN150A or 27219268

Deep Ocean Matt GJ203A

Monument Matt GL229A

Primrose Gloss GD037A or 27284365 or 26084365

Surfmist Satin 2601137S

Woodland Grey Matt 95951698

Anodic Natural Matt GY235A

Anotec Dark Grey Matt 27251275

Custom Black Matt GN248A

Deep Ocean Satin 2725125S or 2605125S

Notre Dame Gloss GL040A or 27236672 or 26036672

Silver Kinetic Pearl Satin 9717043K

Ultra Silver Gloss GY070A

Woodland Grey Satin GP105A

Anodic Off White Matt GD227A

APO Grey Satin GL107A or 27232786 or 26032786

Charcoal Gloss GL035A

Dune Satin 2723087S or 2603087S

Pearl White Gloss GA078A or 2721114G

Stone Beige Matt GD247A or 27232538 or 26032538

White Birch Gloss GA057A or 27237131

Woodland Grey Satin 2727255S

Anodised (Clear) 25 Micron

Architectural White 91133711

Charcoal Metallic Gloss GM019A

Hammersley Brown Satin GM100A or 27284657 or 26084657

Pottery Satin GM175A

Surfmist Matt 2603167M

Woodland Grey Matt GL205A

Aluminium Finish


Standard Australian Finishes Colour & Clip Offer
FinishAkzo CodeDulux CodeHandle & Clips at Standard PriceHandle & Clips Colour Matched at Off Standard Price*
Anodic Bronze SatinGY114ABlackYes
Anodic Natural MattGY235ABlackYes
Anodic Off White MattGD227ABlackYes
Anodised (Clear) 25 MicronNatural Grey
Anotec Dark Grey Matt27251275BlackYes
Anotec Silver Grey Matt27251272BlackYes
APO Grey SatinGL107A27232786 / 26032786BlackYes
Architectural White91133711White
Black Satin*GN150A27219268Black
Charcoal Gloss*GL035ABlackYes
Charcoal Metallic GlossGM019ABlackYes
Custom Black Matt*GN248ABlack
Deep Ocean Matt*GJ203ABlackYes
Deep Ocean Satin*2725125S / 2605125SBlackYes
Dune Satin*2723087S / 2603087SBlackYes
Hammersley Brown SatinGM100A27284657 / 26084657BlackYes
Monument Matt*GL229ABlackYes
Notre Dame GlossGL040A27236672 / 26036672BlackYes
Pearl White GlossGA078A2721114GWhite
Pottery SatinGM175ABlackYes
Primrose GlossGD037A27284365 / 26084365BlackYes
Silver Kinetic Pearl Satin9717043KBlackYes
Stone Beige MattGD247A27232538 / 26032538BlackYes
Surfmist Matt* 2603167MBlackYes
Surfmist Satin*2601137SBlackYes
Ultra Silver GlossGY070ABlackYes
White Birch GlossGA057A27237131BlackYes
Woodland Grey Matt*GL205ABlackYes
Woodland Grey Matt*95951698BlackYes
Woodland Grey Satin*GP105ABlackYes
Woodland Grey Satin*2727255SBlackYes


  • Clear anodised 25 micron gallery and Weatherstrip material is kept in stock. Other anodised products are subject to a longer lead time.
  • Standard and Secondary colours will be reviewed and adjusted on a six monthly basis subject to market trends and customer usage.
  • Paint codes are to be stated on all orders.
  • Breezway can apply Interpon D1000 and Dulux Duralloy powdercoatings. Warranty information available from and

* Complement colour to Bluescope Steel’s COLOURBOND colour range.
Selected finishes of identical colour and gloss levels may be used interchangeably.
A handle and clip colour matched to the DecoWood Western Red Cedar high performance powder coating is available.

*Breezway Special Finishes


10 day lead time.
All stocked colours from the Interpon D1000, Interpon D1010, Interpon TC, Dulux Duralloy, Dulux PG288 and Dulux Precious ranges.
Clip and handle colours are only available in black, white or from the standard colour range only.

*Breezway High Performance Finishes


10 day lead time.
All stocked colours from the Interpon D2525 Ultriva, Dulux Duratec, Dulux Armourspray and Dulux Electro ranges.
Clip and handle colours are only available in black, white or from the standard colour range only.

*Breezway Unique Finishes


Lead time is dependent on supplier’s lead times and is to be confirmed by Breezway.
Unique Finishes include Anodised finishes (excluding Clear Anodised 25 micron), Dulux Alphatec, Dulux Surreal Effects and Made-To-Order powders
Colour surcharge is dependent on finish type & quantity.
Clip and handle colours are only available in black, white or from the standard colour range only.
Textured powdercoat finishes like Interpon Sable Collection, Interpon Ripple Series, Dulux Surreal Effects, Dulux Scylla and Dulux Mannex may result in reduced water penetration resistance and air infiltration performance in some situations. Please contact Breezway if you are intending to use a textured finish.

*Breezway DecoWood Finishes


High performance marine grade photo image finish.
5 day lead time on DecoWood Western Red Cedar blades, channel and weatherstrip.
Lead time on other DecoWood colours is dependent on supplier’s lead times and is to be confirmed by Breezway (normally 4-6 weeks).
Clip and handle colours are only available in black, white, from the standard colour range, or colour matched to Western Red Cedar.

*Surcharges apply for aluminium finishes from the special, high performance, unique and DecoWood ranges.