Minimalist Look with Clean Lines & Increased Air Flow

Floreat, Perth, Australia

Like many couples staring down the retirement tunnel, the owners of this Floreat home determined their final foray into the housing market would be creative and satisfying. They wanted to be as hands-on as possible in the design and build of their new home and insisted on a couple of key items being included in the home’s design. One of these was a small swimming pool positioned close to the house and the other was the inclusion of louvre windows for increased air flow.

The couple loved Daniel Cassettai’s design solution for their corner block in this newly released housing estate. It featured a large upstairs balcony overlooking parkland and echoed the client’s desire for a minimalist look with clean lines and no nooks and crannies. Breezway’s Altair louvre windows were the perfect fit to ensure that this design brief was executed successfully.

Building Designer – Daniel Cassettai Design
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