It seems that pretty much every home built these days has a home theatre. There is a huge range of equipment to choose from that could be installed in a home theatre, from a reasonable sized TV and a cheap surround sound system through to high end custom installations of premium equipment.

Generally the various components and equipment though will be of a similar quality. What you’re unlikely to see is a cheap no-name brand TV paired with a high end surround sound system that costs the equivalent of a new car. Or a top of the line, ultra high definition TV with a cheap $25 DVD player. The components of the home theatre work together and a poor quality component will compromise the performance of the other components.

Few people outside of the glass industry are aware that the high temperatures involved in the process of toughening glass can transform glass that is incredibly flat into glass with visible bowing or waves. Louvre windows rely on glass blades making good contact with each other to seal the window against wind and rain, so toughened glass louvre blades that are not incredibly flat will create openings between louvre blades through which water and air will leak.

At Breezway we are very aware of this issue, so we do our own glass blade toughening. We tweak settings and conduct quality tests every hour and every time we change the type of glass being toughened to ensure that all our toughened glass blades are within our flatness allowance of 0.35mm (about one quarter of the thickness of a DVD) of bow per metre of glass. This ensures that Altair Louvre window systems with Breezway glass blades will perform to their maximum potential.

Whether you’re considering Altair Louvre Windows or home theatre systems, its not worth mixing high quality components with poor quality components simply to save a few dollars – the poor quality components will compromise the performance of the entire system. So don’t just specify Altair Louvre Windows, also specify Breezway toughened glass blades.