CPD Tutorials

Breezway offers three Formal CPD Tutorials accredited by Architectural Informational Services (AIS) to assist with your building designs. CPD Tutorials can also be delivered online for specifiers in remote locations.

Breezway is now part of the NATSPEC Product Partners program and we have a Branded Worksection that conforms to the requirements of the National Construction Code available for download to assist with your projects. For more information visit our NATSPEC Product Partner Branded Worksection page.

Fall Prevention CPD Tutorial

In response to the ongoing issue of children being injured due to falls through windows and the significant expansion of apartment living, the Building Code Board has updated the provisions aiming to prevent falls through openable windows. This CPD presentation will cover the provisions, the testing requirements to show compliance and the potential resultant impact on ventilation.


  • Able to identify situations where fall prevention measures are required by the BCA.
  • Able to list the options to achieve compliance in bedrooms and early childhood centres.
  • Able to list the options to achieve compliance in other rooms.
  • Awareness of testing methodologies to prove compliance.


1 Hour Presentation = 1 Formal CPD Point

View/download Fall Prevention CPD Flyersmall-pdf4

Ventilation CPD Tutorial

This tutorial will explain the scientific benefits of ventilation and will then take you through a thorough presentation of the impact on ventilation of different window types. A modelled energy efficiency study will then be discussed followed by a briefing on the WERS ratings for screened windows.


  • Identify four of the scientifically proven benefits of ventilation.
  • Describe the impact of window types and sizes on ventilation openings.
  • Describe the results of a study on the relative energy efficiency implications of air infiltration and ventilation.
  • Be aware of WERS ratings for screened products.


1 Hour Presentation = 1 Formal CPD Point

View/download Ventilation CPD Flyersmall-pdf4

AS 2047 & AS 1288 CPD Tutorial

This tutorial will provide an overview of AS 2047 and AS 1288 for specifiers. AS 2047 “Windows and external glazed doors in buildings” and AS 1288 “Glass in buildings – Selection and installation” are two of the key Standards relating to windows. This CPD Tutorial will explain the key sections of the Standards that specifiers interact with and the impacts of the requirements of the Standards on their designs.


  • Awareness of the various performance requirements of AS 2047.
  • Appreciate the trade-offs between performance, size and window configurations.
  • Awareness of the factors influencing glass strength.
  • Understand how the risks of human impact can be managed through glass selection and design.


1 Hour Presentation = 1 Formal CPD Point

View/download AS 2047 CPD Flyersmall-pdf4

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Attendee Testimonials

“The AS2047 CPD covered many things I ‘sort of’ knew so it was very helpful to get an overview of the important aspects…and so convenient that it can be done online!”
Lian, VIC

“It was a really informative session and a great idea to make it part of CPD. Jason was a particularly good presenter. We look forward to any further such presentations.”
David, NSW

“Please thank Warren on our behalf for a very informative CPD presentation on Fall Prevention and Ventilation. We have had presentations by Breezway in the past and each time it has been really worthwhile in getting us up to speed on the issues presented.
Chris, WA

“Just wanted to thank you again for your useful and informative presentation today.”
Neil, WA

“I just wanted to say thank you again for the CPD presentation. The staff members that have attended both of your presentations have thoroughly enjoyed them. It’s hard to find good CPD presentations but I have to say you made it exceptionally enjoyable. You were easy to follow and concise.”
Stephanie, NSW

“Just wanted to thank you for your time and hospitality on Friday. We found it very informative.”
Gavin, WA

“Thanks again for coming to our CPD Group last Friday. Both presentations were informative and interesting and very well delivered.”
Marian, QLD

“Thanks for the follow up information on the Fall Prevention tutorial. Your presentation was well done and informative.”
David, QLD

“Thank you for coming all the way to Maleny for the presentation. We all came away with a greater appreciation of the new legislation.”
Michael, QLD