COVID-19 Update from Breezway

COVID-19 Update from Breezway

Welcome back to a New Year - 2022! We hope you enjoyed some much needed time off over the Christmas break to spend with your family and friends after what was a tumultuous year.

As we enter 2022, unfortunately like many other businesses in Australia, we are again faced with some challenges due to COVID-19. Please be advised we are experiencing some supply chain delays and staff shortages as a result of the recent outbreak associated with the Omicron variant.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience as we endeavour to fulfil your orders as quickly and as safely as we can. Please rest assured we will keep you up-to-date with your order lead times and any stockouts that may occur.

If you would like to speak to a Breezway Representative in more detail about your order, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 777 758 or email

Alternatively you can contact your local Breezway Representative directly via the information displayed below:

Customer Service & Internal Sales Team Contact Details

Brisbane South/Toowoomba
Nigel Green (Customer Service): 07 3847 0511 /
Nick Scott (Internal Sales): 07 3847 0521 /

Brisbane North/Sunshine Coast/Central Qld
Nigel Green (Customer Service): 07 3847 0511 /
Nick Scott (Internal Sales): 07 3847 0521 /

Far North Qld
Ana Leniu (Customer Service): 07 3847 0594 /
Kerrie Gough (Customer Service): 07 3847 0513 /
Nick Scott (Internal Sales): 07 3847 0521 /

Sydney South
Ana Leniu (Customer Service): 07 3847 0594 /
Kerrie Gough (Customer Service): 07 3847 0513 /
Grant Gough (Internal Sales): 07 3847 0543 /

Sydney North to Gold Coast
Bel Francis (Customer Service): 07 3847 0526 /
Tahlia Sandstrom (Internal Sales): 07 3847 0528 /

Victoria / South Australia / Tasmania
Neha Dua (Customer Service): 07 3847 0590 /
Grant Gough (Internal Sales): 07 3847 0543 /

Western Australia / Northern Territory
Jane Joshi (Customer Service): 07 3847 0553 /
Kath Kennedy (Internal Sales): 07 3847 0535 /

New Zealand / Pacific
Bernie Cloutt (Customer Service): 07 3847 0505 /
Kath Kennedy (Internal Sales): 07 3847 0535 /

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind Regards,

The Breezway Team.

Product Update from Breezway

Product Update from Breezway

We are delighted to provide you with this update below on the latest Altair® Louvre product improvements from Breezway.

Breezway Louvres are now BAL-40 Compliant!

Breezway is proud to announce that Altair® Louvres in the EasyscreenTM Window System have successfully passed testing in accordance with AS1530.8.1-2007 to BAL-40 conditions with Invisi-GardTM Security Screens. This provides a much more convenient and aesthetic alternative to enclosing the window with bushfire shutters.

Breezway has also contracted the test laboratory to assess screen equivalency which, once published, will allow for any screen also tested successfully in accordance with AS1530.8.1-2007 to be used as a substitute to the tested screening. Availability of this will be communicated at a later date.

In addition to this, all toughened 6mm fixed lites in the EasyscreenTM Window System can meet deemed-to-satisfy provisions for BAL-40 when using flame retardant glazing wedges supplied by Breezway on all glazed and unglazed fixed lites as standard product.

For more information about using Altair® Louvres in Bushfire Prone Areas please visit our Bushfire Compliance page.

Changes to Product Offer

New Addition:

Commencing 23rd August we will be introducing a larger transformer/power supply, capable of providing power for up to 14 PowerlouvreTM System motors simultaneously. This is in addition to the existing 6 motor transformer, granting our valued customers the choice to better suit their project.

For large projects where more than 14 motors are used in a single run, it is still necessary for a larger transformer to be sourced from a third party electrical supplier to suit the requirements of the project. Pricing for the new PowerlouvreTM System Transformer is $144.49 RRP. For an updated Price List please contact your local Breezway Area Manager.

Discontinued Product:

In a bid to streamline our operations and improve service to customers we will be removing a slow-moving extrusion from our product offer. As of 1st November, the availability of the Heavy Duty Mullion for the SL2® Window System will cease.

The SL2® Window System itself remains, however for projects requiring higher serviceability performance, the EasyscreenTM Window System and Innoscreen® Window System can be used as higher performing substitutes.

Packaging Improvements:

Starting in September, customers will notice a change to the way manual Altair® Louvre Component Galleries are packed for delivery. Manual galleries will now be clipped together with plastic couplers, or channel packing clips, to ensure they stay firmly positioned during transit without any risk of paint rub. PowerlouvreTM System Galleries will continue to be boxed.

Made from recycled plastic, these channel packing clips will hold both ends of each gallery set. These can be easily slid off the gallery for removal and can be reattached if needed by snapping them onto the back of the channels again.

For more information on our Altair Louvre product updates, please contact your local Area Manager or our Design Assist Team on 1800 777 758 to discuss your needs. Our Design Consultants can also be contacted via email or Online Chat on our website.

New Breezway CPD Webinar Series

New Breezway CPD Webinar Series

Breezway is proud to announce we have launched a new series of Continual Professional Development (CPD) Webinars for our specifier audience.

The CPD webinar series has been designed to help build your industry knowledge and assist with your future building designs.

These one-hour CPD webinars won’t disappoint as they will provide you with information about popular topics and will be delivered by our team of experienced Louvre Experts. Read our collection of CPD Testimonials here.

Please see the list of dates and times available for each CPD topic via our CPD Webinar page and simply click on the link to register your interest. Each participant will receive a certificate and one formal CPD point after the presentation.

Topic 1: Fall Prevention through Openable Louvre Windows

In response to the ongoing issue of children being injured due to falls through windows and the significant expansion of apartment living, the Building Code Board has updated the provisions aiming to prevent falls through openable windows.

This CPD presentation will cover the provisions, the testing requirements to show compliance and the potential resultant impact on ventilation.

1 Hour = 1 Formal CPD Point


  • Able to identify situations where fall prevention measures are required by the BCA.
  • Able to list the options to achieve compliance in bedrooms and early childhood centres.
  • Able to list the options to achieve compliance in other rooms.
  • Awareness of testing methodologies to prove compliance.

Topic 2: Ventilation

This tutorial will explain the scientific benefits of ventilation and will then take you through a thorough presentation of the impact on ventilation of different window types.

A modelled energy efficiency study will then be discussed followed by a briefing on the WERS ratings for screened windows.

1 Hour = 1 Formal CPD Point


  • Identify four of the scientifically proven benefits of ventilation.
  • Describe the impact of window types and sizes on ventilation openings.
  • Describe the results of a study on the relative energy efficiency implications of air infiltration and ventilation.
  • Be aware of WERS ratings for screened products.

Topic 3: Louvre Windows: AS 2047 & AS 1288

This tutorial will provide an overview of AS 2047 and AS 1288 for specifiers. AS 2047 “Windows and external glazed doors in buildings” and AS 1288 “Glass in buildings – Selection and installation” are two of the key Standards relating to windows.

This CPD Tutorial will explain the key sections of the Standards that specifiers interact with and the impacts of the requirements of the Standards on their designs.

1 Hour = 1 Formal CPD Point


  • Awareness of the various performance requirements of AS 2047.
  • Appreciate the trade-offs between performance, size and window configurations.
  • Awareness of the factors influencing glass strength.
  • Understand how the risks of human impact can be managed through glass selection and design.

If you are unable to find a date or time that suits on the CPD Webinar page, or you would prefer a one-on-one meeting with our louvre experts, please do not hesitate to contact our Design Assist Team on 1800 777 758 or email and they will be more than happy to arrange a separate booking for you or your team.

Updated Altair® Louvre Handle Slots

Updated Altair® Louvre Handle Slots

Currently, handle slots in Altair® Louvre Galleries are all the same length, regardless of whether the louvre opens fully or has its opening (and corresponding handle travel) restricted. In some cases, this has resulted in damage to the louvre mechanism (more…)
Book your Online Meeting with Breezway Today!

Book your Online Meeting with Breezway Today!

The Team at Breezway would like to advise you of the range of online services we can offer to assist with the ongoing design and specification of our Altair Louvre Windows in your projects. These include: (more…)

COVID-19 Announcement

COVID-19 Announcement

The advent of the COVID-19 virus has meant that all businesses, including Breezway, need to prepare diligently for what are likely to be challenging times ahead. Part of this preparation is around communicating clearly to all stakeholders along with how we intend to deal with any resultant impact. (more…)