Fall Prevention

Maximise natural ventilation where windows require fall prevention or extra strength.

With more Australian families living in multi-storey homes and apartments it is good news that the fall prevention requirements in the Building Code have been updated. With the safety of children in mind, some windows are now required to have openings that prevent a 125mm sphere from passing through the window and resist an outward, horizontal force of 250N (approx. equal to a 25kg weight under the force of gravity).
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Fall Prevention Standards

For new buildings, fall prevention measures are only required on some windows. Please visit the Fall Prevention Compliance page for more information.

However, in New South Wales all Strata buildings must be fitted with devices that enable windows two metres above ground floor to be in compliance by 13 March 2018.

Read the NSW Fair Trading Window Safety Device Requirements here.

Fall Prevention Standards

Compliance Considerations

For existing apartment buildings, the obvious choice is a simple key locking device. Although this may be the cheapest option, it will severely restrict the airflow into the room. The Building Code of Australia Natural Ventilation and Energy Efficiency provisions do allow the use of such a restriction, as the openable area is measured on the sash size not the area that actually opens.

However, the reality for the occupant may be very different. A typical sized bedroom with a standard 1200mm high and 1800mm wide sliding window and a key locking restriction could in reality have as little as 1.2% ventilation to floor area, not the greater than 5-10% that is typically required.

How much ventilation as a % of floor area?

Please refer to the graph below which shows the % of ventilation to floor area a keylocked sliding window has in comparison to the % required by the Building Code for a new building.

How much ventilation as a % of floor area graph

Natural Ventilation to Floor Area


A typical keylocked sliding window may have an opening area of 0.15m2 which provides 1.2% ventilation as a % of floor area.

Natural Ventilation to Floor Area

Lack of natural ventilation can lead to unhealthy air quality, excessive air conditioning costs, potential mould problems and discomfort for unit owners or tenants. This option may also lead to end users unlocking the window and negating the fall prevention rule.

“We’ve just moved into a brand new rental and the upstairs windows only open 85mm. We’ve emailed the property manager to ask if they can at least have them adjusted by the window company to open to 125mm, but we’d also like to look into fall prevention screens and ask the owner to go halves just so we’re not roasting in the beds all summer. The bedrooms are west facing and the other day when it was barely 20c in Melbourne, it was quite warm upstairs already. Not helped by the lack of ventilation with windows that don’t open past the exterior walls of the house.”

To view more, please visit the online Forum on “How to ensure a bedroom sliding window can open fully”

Breezway’s Solution

Another option is to replace your existing windows with Breezway Louvre Windows, especially if they are deteriorating. Breezway offers the Altair Louvre with the Stronghold System that can comply with the fall prevention requirements whilst providing ventilation and safety to occupants, even when the openings are restricted.

The Stronghold System mechanically retains blades and is ideal for apartment buildings where window openings and cross ventilation can be limited.

Other benefits include:

  • Maximise airflow in comparison to other window types.
  • Easy to operate and clean the outside of the window from inside the building.
  • Modern, patented design seals tight to reduce noise and provides protection from the elements.
  • Variety of sizes and blade options for privacy or shading.
  • Option available to have the window screened from the inside if required.
  • Can be customised to match existing décor for window replacements.
  • Also ideal for enclosing balconies for additional safety and extra year round living space.

Read our White Paper on Ventilation here.

Breezway solution for fall prevention
Video Protecting Children From Falls with the Stronghold System

Protecting Children from
Falls Through Windows

Window type ventilation opening rates and energy efficiency

Ventilation Rates
and Energy Efficiency

Video Altair Louvre Windows with Stronghold for multi storey buildings

Altair Louvres with
the Stronghold System

Read our Testimonials

By replacing your windows with Breezway Louvres, we guarantee occupants will notice the difference in comfort and be happier. Read the comments below from tenants with real life experiences after their old windows were replaced with Altair Louvres in apartments.

“Before we had the new Breezway Altair Louvre Windows installed you could constantly hear the traffic noise along with the rambunctious and screaming kids after school hours, and the rain would often leak in through the closed windows. Now that we have had the new windows installed, I have noticed a complete difference in noise reduction and no water leakage. I also must mention how much easier it is to shut the new windows. For anyone that is looking to get their windows replaced, I would highly recommend Breezway.”
Craig Weghorst

Resident Manager, The Alexander

“Breezway Louvre Windows have provided our home with tight sealing, keeping noise to a minimum and allows our air conditioning system to run more efficiently. I rate the improvements to our home as 10 out of 10.”

Resident, Kaiolu Sunrise Apartments

“Breezway Louvres help keep the dust, dirt and noise out of our apartment. We open and close them often because they are so easy to use. They are attractive and substantial and we feel added value and comfort to our house! I rate the improvements to our home as 9 out of 10.”

Resident, Kaiolu Sunrise Apartments

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