One of the biggest misconceptions about louvres, is the level of security and safety that they provide. This attitude is generally fueled by the persistence of old galvanised louvres that have survived in buildings around Australia from early in the last century.

Louvre windows of that bygone era were generally only used to offer ventilation in a world where people seldom locked their front doors. They did not even need to have the same level of weather performance as other window types. The world has changed considerably since then though, and now louvres need to meet the same requirements as any other type of window. Altair Louvres do this well, and in many cases considerably exceed the requirements placed on them.

The Altair Louvres, recently seen in The Gatwick on Channel 9’s The Block, are a good example of the security and safety that louvres can afford.

The louvres used in the terraces in Units One, Two and Three made use of the Altair keylock, which allows the louvres to be secured in the closed position, as further protection on top of the Altair Louvre’s already tight locking pressure, through our secure living hinge design. These keylocks have a brush chrome finish, making them visually suitable for any frame colour.

Making a window safe though, does not always mean protecting against external interlopers. A window up high also needs to keep the people inside safe from gravity. Especially those precious, pint-sized, people.

Since 2014, residential windows in Australia have been subjected to specific requirements to ensure they are suitable for use in areas where there is a risk of a significant fall. You may be familiar with the term Kid’s Don’t Fly? Well Altair Louvres have that covered too!

The Altair Louvres used on the Block also made use of the Stronghold System, a mechanical blade retention system that secures the louvre blade in place, so that it cannot be simply pulled or pushed out. Windows used in this application need to be able to resist forces approximately equivalent to those applied by a mass of 25kg under the forces of gravity. Stronghold blows that requirement out of the water (not window) and resist up to 163kg of mass under gravity on each blade. So even the Elephant equivalent of a toddler is safe with Stronghold!

Not the same old louvres, are they? Other than the protective features demonstrated on the Block, Breezway also provide a security bar option for the 152mm Altair Louvre which are powdered or anodised to suit the framing they are a part of. These bars can be integrated into new windows, or even retrofit to existing 152mm louvres.

Security grade screening can also be installed internally and externally in Breezway proprietary framing, and externally in 3rd party systems.

For more information on security options and protecting your children, please visit the following pages on our website.