Louvre Windows with Security Bars and Keylocks

For those looking for added security features, Breezway offers a few different options including keylocks, security bars or screening systems for our Altair Louvre Windows.

The Breezway keylock has a sleek, low profile metal finish to deliver strength and durability, and can be installed left or right of each louvre bay (opposite the handle) depending on the individual requirement. Security bars are another effective barrier method especially when the louvre is open, that unlike screens, do not reduce air flow so you can maintain a comfortable environment.

If you would like more information on designing with Breezway Louvres please visit our Inspiration Page, or for product customising options visit our Product Selection Guide. Alternatively if you would like assistance with your next project please do not hesitate to contact our Design Assist Team on 1800 777 758 or designassist@breezway.com.au