Beautiful, Site Sensitive, Small Footprint Home


Located in a former light industrial area, AQUAS PERMA SOLAR FIRMA is a home tailored to the needs of a modern, environmentally conscious and socially responsible couple. CplusC were approached by the owners to help them realise their vision of a home that would be the embodiment of their commitment to the environment. The result is AQUAS PERMA SOLAR FIRMA, a beautiful, small footprint home that combines innovative architectural design with off grid green initiatives.

Stairs and Yoga Room with Breezway louvres for natural ventilation
Study to Courtyard with Breezway louvres for ventilation
Bedroom with Breezway louvres in the corner
Courtyard view to Kitchen through Breezway louvres

A primary objective of the design process was to find a way to ensure the design would contribute to the longevity of the building. To this end, a central courtyard provides all internal spaces with superior natural light and access to green spaces despite site restrictions, while planting beds are integrated into the home to improve internal air quality. Breezway Louvre Windows assist with the natural flow of ventilation and light into the home.

The brief also called for a versatile primary living space that could be transformed into an entertaining space, a ‘work from home’ space and a transformation into a blank canvas at a moment’s notice.

The owner’s engaged CplusC not only for their architectural services but also to build AQUAS PERMA SOLAR FIRMA that was technically demanding to construct. As a result, their thorough understanding of the building and their attention to detail has made the home a pleasure to live in as well as striking in appearance.

AQUAS PERMA SOLAR FIRMA is interesting beyond how it looks due to the approach taken to sustainability. Rather than simply ticking off a check list of sustainable features, the design responds to client needs and behaviours, site-specific considerations, the implications of Sydney’s climate, balancing environmental outcomes against cost effectiveness and consideration of potential changes in technology or occupant needs for future resilience and adaptability.

The owners commissioned a private report on the house one year after moving in. The overall results show that AQUAS PERMA SOLAR FIRMA is close to carbon neutral, predominantly due to the 1.5kW solar PV system offsetting most of the household electricity consumption with an 84% emissions reduction. Solar hot water also makes a significant contribution with a 17% emissions reduction. The analysis also stated that the residence has reduced its water consumption by 45% through rainfall harvesting which supplies the toilets, laundry and irrigation.

Architect: CplusC Architectural Workshop
Builder: CplusC Architectural Workshop
Tel: 02 9690 2211

Photographers: Murray Fredericks and Michael Lassman