Subtropical Office with Mixed Mode Ventilation System

Nambour, Queensland, Australia
A regional office in Nambour for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Queensland designed by Chris Klar Architects has won a Regional Architecture Commendation due to its many sustainable features.

The project’s core idea was to provide a working environment which expands the horizons of what a sustainable sub-tropical workplace might be, yet provides the normal aspects of a modern office.

Green Star’s ‘Office’ rating tool was the methodology for the sustainable development of the project. This tool’s holistic nature enabled all relevant considerations to be balanced at any time.

Mechanical and electrical strategies were integrated to provide mixed-mode ventilation and daylighting systems that work together to achieve operational energy efficiency. Aluminium Altair Powerlouvre Windows by Breezway with high-efficiency glazing have been incorporated into the design to help achieve this. The Powerlouvre Windows are thermostatically-controlled and linked to the mixed-mode ventilation system to allow air conditioning to be turned off when not required and natural air to flow in through the louvre windows when open. This improves the indoor air quality and ensures a comfortable working environment for building occupants to enjoy throughout the day.

Further to this, hydraulic and environmental strategies have been put in place to minimise water usage and maximise water efficiency. As a result, the anticipated annual operational savings over a standard office building are expected to be between 15-20% for energy and 50% for water.

Project Date – August 2013

Architect – Chris Klar Architects
+61 7 5437 6643

Photographer – Glenn Weiss