Prevailing Winds Can Be Funnelled Through The Home

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
This aesthetically pleasing, modern, affordable home (under $1400/sqm) has been designed by Owen Batchelor from East Coast Building Design and was awarded 2012 BDAQ Winner for ‘Best use of Colorbond Steel’ and the ‘Sustainable Building Design’ Category.

Owen has designed this beautiful home with light colour tones, selected to be sympathetic to its natural surroundings, and focuses largely on energy efficient design principles as specified by his clients.

This split level, open planned home maximises energy efficiency through the use of high ceilings and high level Altair Louvre Windows which allow fresh breezes to ventilate the home. With the home being positioned close to the nature reserve, the tranquillity of the outside world can be enjoyed from inside the house through the use of these high ceilings and louvre windows. The louvres have been positioned on either side of the central hallway to open up the home and bring about a sense of space. Hot built up air can rise and escape through the louvres and prevailing winds can be funnelled throughout the house to keep it cool in summer and freshly ventilated throughout the year.

The house is made from lightweight materials and the placement of Altair Louvres in the central hallway also allows natural lighting in for most of the day, reducing the need for artificial lighting thus further helping to save on energy costs.

All living areas are opened up to the north so that views to the backyard can be enjoyed and the owners can keep an eye on their children when playing outside. Bedrooms are all on one level, with the wet areas providing a buffer between the master bedroom and the three kids rooms.

The elevated floors allow summer air to flow under the floor, thus creating a cool drying effect at floor level. Preventing westerly wind getting under this floor also ensures it stays warmer in winter. Devices such as ceiling fans are installed and provide choices for cooling when needed.

Project Date: June 2012

Building Designer – Owen Batchelor
East Coast Building Design
+61 7 3260 7880

Builder – Barry Whitelaw
Bula Constructions
+61 7 3351 7019