Spacious, Light-Filled and Breezy Atmosphere

Kew, Victoria, Australia

The Moving House by Architects EAT is a new residence in Kew, Victoria. The home is striking in appearance with the external white aluminium screen forming a singular mass in the outline of a suburban gable roof, subtly referencing the immediate neighbours in both form and colour.

With spaciousness, soft light and a breezy atmosphere, the Moving House delivers on expectations. The design features three repetitive in-situ concreate vaults with skylights to draw the maximum amount of daylight into the house from above, whilst maintaining privacy for the owners.

Full glazing of bi-fold doors and windows allow the home to be opened up to the garden area. Breezway Louvre Windows are positioned up high to act as clerestory windows and provide natural light and excellent cross flow ventilation.

Despite the raw, industrial feel to the home, the owners are transported to a place of tranquillity.

Architect – Architects EAT
03 8413 5300

Photographer – Derek Swalwell
03 9533 7710