St Peters Lutheran College

For the Junior High Precinct at St Peters Lutheran College Springfield, the College were passionate about maintaining their “small school” feel even as their pupil numbers grow; ensuring that any built works were reflective of the culture and values of the College.
Strategically placed Breezway Louvres for fresh, natural ventilation
The College has come of age and is a successful College where the culture sets it apart from other schools. Family, community, nurturing, journey; these words resonated throughout briefing discussions with McLellan Bush Architects. Designed as a catalyst for new learning and teaching methods, the Junior High Precinct steps towards new adaptable spaces and celebrates students’ transition into secondary education by creating personalised, user centric spaces for students and teachers to enjoy and thrive in. These include:

  • Flexible learning environments for agile, enquiry-based learning and community spaces for passive pastoral care and belonging;
  • Efficient learning environments that provide value for money. That is, areas being able to adapt and often perform a number of functions;
  • A community hub for the designated cohort, the school community and the Greater Springfield community; reinforcing the St Peters culture of inclusion and welcomeness;
  • A space to host art shows, performances, movies and breakout space both within and outside timetabled lessons.

This contemporary precinct encapsulates the College’s desire for continuous improvement and innovation. It represents a fresh new direction for St Peters Lutheran College Springfield, while reinforcing their existing culture.

Breezway Louvre Windows are strategically positioned throughout the school, at high levels and lower levels to stimulate air movement throughout the learning areas. Through abundant natural ventilation, learning areas are comfortable for students and teachers, increasing productivity levels and reducing the transmission of illnesses throughout the year.

St Peters Lutheran College Junior High Precinct has been awarded the 2021 AIA Regional Commendation (McLellan Bush Architects).

Architect: McLellan Bush Architects
Photographer: Angus Martin Photography