The Extension That Protects Nature’s Surroundings

Canterbury, Victoria, Australia

The team from Architects EAT in Melbourne have designed this extension to an existing Edwardian house in the leafy suburb of Canterbury, Victoria. The 280m2 U-shaped family house, renamed the Elm and Willow House, has been constructed from concrete, steel and glass as the primary building envelope of the extension.

The concrete floor and roof slabs are supported above the ground to help protect and preserve the roots of the mature elm and willow trees on the site.

The design utilises Breezway Louvre Windows to assist with the transparency and openness out onto the courtyard and the surrounding nature strips. The louvres also act as a passive ventilation system to promote cross ventilation inside the house.

Overall the renovation and extension of this home now brings enjoyment, living in landscape with the family, and appreciation of tranquillity, intimacy and sanctuary.

The project has won the acclaimed ‘AIA Victorian Chapter Residential Award’.

Architect – Architects EAT
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Photographers –

James Coombe
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Earl Carter
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