Two-Storey Heritage-Listed Family Home

Victoria, Australia

Designed by Michael Ellis Architects, this two-storey, heritage-listed family home consists of three bedrooms, study, living and dining area. The floor plan of the original home has been corrected in order to provide a dynamic and contemporary layout for the owners to live comfortably in their spaces.

Breezway Louvre Windows have been installed above a door in the kitchen/dining area to allow fresh air into the home even when the door is closed on cooler days. The use of glazing in this area was carefully thought out to ensure the refined architectural principles, such as play of light were maximised in the design. Occupants can now enjoy their meals in naturally lit areas of the home with clear views out onto the back courtyard.

The renovation was completed in a somewhat, intense period of time where construction prices were rising and budget was tight. Thereby making this project even more special to Michael Ellis Architects and his clients.

Architect – Michael Ellis Architects
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Photographer – YQ Photography
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