Uninterrupted Air Flow, Harmonious Palette, Contemporary Townhouse


This project is a successful example of medium density housing on an inner city suburban block. Receiving the 2017 AIA Regional Awards Commendation, this elegant Toowong dwelling has gained a unique identity through the use of custom vinyl glazing graphics and provides natural cross ventilation using Breezway Altair Louvre Windows.

Internal perspective of large Breezway Louvre in living room to natural ventilate the area
Fixed lite glazing combined with Breezway Louvres help frame a view but allows air flow when needed
Interesting facade using Breezway Louvre Windows
Close up of Breezway louvres installed above and next to fixed lite glazing

The critical element informing the conceptual framework for the project was context, both the local context of the greater precinct and immediate context of the adjacent existing Queenslander onsite, which is reinterpreted not only in shape and proportion, but also in experience.

The three rear dwellings repeat this concept to form a set of ‘glued together’ houses. Being in a neighbourhood dominated by houses, this approach manages to retain the comforting scale for the individual and provides identity to each dwelling while still achieving homogeneity. Being a developer driven project, the feasibility hinged on the addition of the fifth dwelling on a mere 760m2 site which in turn tipped the scale in favour of value over cost.

The contemporary three-storey townhouse references the shape, architectural elements and materials of the classic Queenslander. Elements such as uninterrupted air flow are consistent with both Queenslanders and this new contemporary interpretation.

A harmonious and minimalist palette of finishes and colours includes relief tiles, which create a play of light and shadow throughout the day.

Living spaces extend into the landscape through the use of Breezway Altair Louvre Windows. The combination of Breezway Louvres and fixed lite glazing have been designed to take maximum advantage of the city views while offering protection from the sun through automatically controlled venetian blinds.

Floor and ceiling finishes seamlessly continue outside to further add to the felling of spaces extending outdoors.

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