Home Quest 5 – Millbrook Homes – 58 Series – Kellyville

Founded in 2013, Millbrook Homes has already established itself as Australia’s premium provider of customised luxury homes. Unlike other providers, Millbrook Homes is not a project home builder. Rather, they offer individualised, handcrafted homes that meet and exceed every one of their client’s individual needs. This entails an understanding and acknowledgement that every family is different, and an ideal living space is as unique and individual as each family. At Millbrook Homes their sole concern is making your dream home a reality, whatever the dream many look like.

To this end, Millbrook Homes only source the absolute best materials from the highest quality suppliers because to build the best homes, you have to start with the best natural materials.

Breezway Product Displayed

  • Altair Louvre Windows
  • 152mm Blade Heights
  • Standard Handle
  • Clear Glass Blades

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Home Quest 5 – Millbrook Homes – 58 Series – Kellyville
49 Bruhn Circuit
Kellyville New South Wales 2155
Phone: 02 8015 7766
Fax: n/a
Email: enquiries@millbrookhomes.sydney
Website: https://homequest.com.au/portfolio/58-series-with-luxe-facade/