Timber Blades & Frames


Improve your environment and live the way nature intended.

Timber Blades & Frames


Improve your environment and live the way nature intended.

Timber Blades & Frames


Improve your environment and live the way nature intended.

At Breezway, we believe buildings should be opened up and designed to work with nature. Timber is an environmentally friendly and recyclable building material. It can offer high performance and natural beauty to any sustainable design.

Benefits of Timber

By using timber blades into Altair Louvre Windows, breezes can be captured in full and privacy can be maintained. It can also help reduce the amount of heat passing through the window. This can lower the need for artificial heating or cooling systems and reduces the impact on the environment. It’s the energy efficient option! Better yet, all timbers can be stained to blend in with your home or office décor.

Product Options

Western Red Cedar


Western Red Cedar Timber Blades are light and easy to install. They are available straight cut to suit 14mm clips which offer superior aesthetics and the convenience of being able to be cut-to-size on-site.

DecoWood Aluminium


Aluminium Blades with a DecoWood photorealistic timber finish are also available and these blades can offer you the look of timber without the need to regularly re-finish the blades.

Thermal & Solar Energy Performance

Relatively low U-values can be achieved with timber blades compared to 6mm glass, due to its 14mm thickness. For a 152mm Altair Louvre Window in a Breezway Easyscreen Frame using Western Red Cedar blades, at a standard AFRC size (1500mm high x 600mm wide), a U-value of 4.39 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.095 can be achieved.

DescriptionU-Value (W/m2.k)Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)Visible Transmittance (VT)
152mm Altair Easyscreen Frame, 14mm WRC blades4.390.0950.000

A SHGC of 0.1 is extremely low and indicates that the window is effectively preventing the majority of potential heat gain through solar exposure. A SHGC this low can only be matched by double glazing consisting of combinations of super-grey tinted glass and low e coated glass.

Timber blades add warmth to the bathroom

A U-value of 4.4W/m2.K represents a good level of insulation and indicates that the window is significantly better than single glazed aluminium windows at reducing heat transfer through the window. A U-value of 4.4.W/m2.K can generally only be achieved by aluminium windows with double glazing.

Altair Louvre Windows with Western Red Cedar blades are therefore ideal for use:

  • On all orientations in cooling climate zones to control solar heat gain while maximising cooling natural ventilation.
  • On Eastern and Western orientations in all mixed and heating climate zones to prevent overheating from early morning and late afternoon sun while maximising cooling natural ventilation.

Download the full Research Report here.

Finishing and Installation

If properly looked after, your Altair Louvre Windows with timber blades can last many years.

Western Red Cedar blades are a natural material and as such will be susceptible to colour variations and natural movement. Prior to installation or exposure to weather, all timber blade surfaces must be finished with a suitable exterior grade finish. The finish used should be ’non-tacky’ or ’abrasion resistant’ to avoid blades sticking together when closed. Dark colours can cause timber movement. The surface sealant should be re-applied to the sealant manufacturer’s instructions to avoid weathering of the timber and minimise timber movement. The product warranty will become void if these actions are not adhered to.

When installing the timber blades into the clips, care must be taken not to split the ends of the timber. Slide the blade slowly into the top of both sides of the open clips. Flex one side and then the other in sequence while easing the blade into place. To help the blades to ease into the clips, spray the ends of the blades with clean water. When installed correctly the clip will flex back and firmly hold the timber blade. Ensure the seal is sitting correctly and not twisted once installed.

To remove straight cut blades use a paint scraper or butter knife to flex the plastic blade retainer out of the way.

View/download Timber Frame Finishing & Installation Detailssmall-pdf4

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