Hospitality Buildings with Breezway Louvre Windows

Looking for ways to keep patrons cool & comfortable in Restaurant Environments?

Natural ventilation is a great way to keep restaurants cool and comfortable without the need for air conditioning. Breezway Louvre Windows offer the perfect solution as they open wide to allow fresh natural breezes to flow in so patrons can enjoy their visit while enjoying uninterrupted outdoor views.

Video: Keep Patrons Cool & Comfortable in Hospitality Projects with Breezway Louvre Windows.

Fixed Window

Fixed Window

Sliding Window

Sliding Window

Awning Window

Awning Window

Altair Louvre Window

Energy Benefits of Louvre Windows Over Other Window Types

  • Ventilation through the whole window area as they open twice as wide as other window types.
  • Ventilation no matter which direction the wind is blowing in comparison to awning or casement windows.
  • Maximum ventilation through large or unusually shaped window spaces that other window types cannot accommodate.
  • Ventilation through internal windows to further cool and refresh the building.

Energy savings for a mixed mode (hybrid) system are on average 59%

Carnegie Mellon


Controlled studies in 1999 and 2000 showed that as ventilation rates increase, children perform school work with greater speed. And the performance of adults was also shown to improve with higher ventilation rates

Wargocki, P., D.P. Wyon et al.

1999 & 2000

Increased outdoor ventilation rates and natural ventilation significantly reduces respiratory illness, flu’s and absenteeism by9-20%.

Fisk/LBNL 2000 as quoted by Vivian Loftness in Green Cities keynote address


Why use Breezway Louvres in Restaurants & other Hospitality Buildings?

Breezway Altair® Louvre Windows are the key solution to environmentally sustainable buildings.

More Air

Open twice as wide as regular windows.

Save Costs

Reduce the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning.


Wider spans allow uninterrupted outdoor views.


Energy rated with a wide variety of customising options.


Automation available with the award winning Altair Powerlouvre Window.


High wind and water performance.


The Stronghold System provides added strength and safety.


Non-corrosive materials to accommodate harsh weather.


Easy to clean from inside the building.


Screening and security options available to secure buildings after hours.

Breezway Louvres hospitality building

Solar Control

When it comes to solar control, Altair Louvres:

  • Can achieve a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient between 0.2 and 0.72 using glass blades.
  • Can use timber or aluminium blades to completely block out the sunlight while still allowing maximum ventilation through the window.


Altair Louvre Windows provide tight sealing due to:

  • The patented living hinge design that prevents water and air penetration between the clips and the channels.
  • An over centre locking mechanism which applies strong locking pressure between blades when fully closed.

Thermal Insulation

Altair Louvre Windows can achieve low U-values. For example:

  • Altair Louvre Windows can achieve low U-values required for energy efficiency compliance/excellence (ranging from 2.5 to 6.9).
  • In extremely cold climates, louvre-fixed lite-louvre combination windows are a good way to achieve good ventilation and very low U-values.
  • Altair Louvres with metal mesh screens have WERS ratings available which significantly reduce the window’s U-value as the glass blades and the screen act in a similar way to double glazing.

Can Breezway Louvres be used with Mixed-Mode Cooling?

Breezway commissioned an independent study set in climate zone 5 (where 40% of Australia’s population is based) showed that by turning air conditioning off and using Altair Louvre Windows for cooling natural ventilation when appropriate had an annual air conditioning load decrease of 23%.

This far outweighs the benefits of sealing a building up tightly with fixed windows to improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems.

Australia map showing location of Breezway Offices

Further Information

Are Breezway Louvres Manufactured Locally in Australia? Yes, Breezway Altair Louvre Windows are custom-made locally on short lead times. To ensure great customer service, Breezway maintains a direct presence in Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Where Can I Buy Breezway Louvres From? Breezway Altair Louvre Windows are available as complete window systems or in componentry for installation into timber or commercial frames. They are available from a highly respected network of distributors, window fabricators and window dealers.

For more information visit our Compare Frames page or visit the Where to Buy page to locate your closest dealer.

Looking for CPD Tutorials? Breezway offers three formal CPD Tutorials on Fall Prevention, Ventilation and AS2047. For more information please visit our CPD page.

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