Louvre Products & Specifications

Your Altair Louvre Window will be custom made to suit your needs.
Taking the time to configure each Louvre Window will bring improved comfort and functionality.
Home Owners may find the ‘Product Selection Guide’ above a useful tool.
For Specifiers the menu above covers in depth technical details including BIM models,
3D interactive product models, compliance information and installation drawings.

Louvre Products & Specifications

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the menu mobile-menu4 above.

Design Assist

Are you looking for ways to improve your louvre window technical knowledge or need a quick answer to a question about your building designs?

Our Design Assist Consultants now come to you – online, and in real time!

We can now offer a more personalised service where you can see and speak to our Consultants through video chat.

Online Chat Service
Chat with us online (live) during office hours to get specific advice.

Screen Demonstrations
Our Consultants can share their screens with you for website and product presentations.

Help Desk
Call our Technical Consultants to discuss your needs on 07 3847 0500 or 1800 777 758.

Email our Consultants
Please email us at designassist@breezway.com.au

Our Design Assist Technical Consultants are happy to share their screens with you or use video calls so you can now see our products in real time (no camera required at your end). This is so we can answer your technical questions effectively and in a timely manner. We use a reputable provider called ‘GoToMeeting’ for this service and recommend using Google Chrome to optimise your online experience with us.

Customer Testimonials

“This new chat function is brilliant!” Window Fabricator, June 16

“The chat option is a great tool on your website. It’s handy because you can send me the links and also means I can keep working without having to wait on the phone etc.” Architect, May 16

“This service has been really helpful and very time saving for me, I wish other things were this easy.” Building Designer, April 16

“Good to get such a fast response to my questions.” Architect, February 16

“The chat service you provide is helpful.” Architect, January 16

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