Neighbours TV Set, School Environments with Fresh Air

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

FremantleMedia Australia are well known for having a long and distinguished history in the Australian television industry. They have been the creators, producers and distributors of some of the best and most loved programs including the long-time running Australian soap ‘Neighbours’.

Breezway Altair Louvre Windows are now incorporated into the School set of Neighbours, between the classroom and corridor. Breezway Louvre Windows are commonly installed into educational buildings around Australia due to their ability to open wide and allow maximum ventilation into classrooms. Many scientific studies have proven that natural fresh air helps to stimulate the mind and increase learning outcomes in school environments. It is also known to reduce the frequency of sickness simply by opening up the windows to let in more fresh air.

Not only do louvres allow airflow to be maximised, Altair Louvres are constructed entirely from non-corrosive materials like aluminium, stainless steel and industrial strength plastics for long life durability. An optional feature in schools to help keep kids safe and protect the school after hours is the Stronghold System which mechanically fixes the blades into the clips to resist far higher forces than regular louvre windows.

There have been four sets of Breezway Altair Louvre Windows in Clear Anodised Frames incorporated into the Neighbours set, accommodating frosted glass blades. Please note, these louvres have been installed upside down due to lighting and reflections when filming on the set.

Production Designer – FremantleMedia Australia