Rural Retreat-Inspired Family Home, Capturing Clear City Views

Gooseberry Hill, Perth, Australia

A stylish yet flexible family home inspired by South West holiday retreats was the design philosophy that influenced this Daniel Cassettai Design home.

A combination of materials, including feature stone, adds texture and gives the façade of this Gooseberry Hill home a rustic feel while the fireplace and entry blade wall clad in stone which effectively links the external to the internal, provides country-style warmth to the home. Internally, timber flooring and ceilings also add to the rural feel.

“Our clients liked the country rural-retreat lifestyle enjoyed during holidays in our State’s South West, so they envisaged recreating a semi-rural look with natural materials and a holiday ambiance,” Mr Cassettai said.

One of the most stunning features of this 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is the abundance of natural light.

“Our clients requested that we provide a generous amount of natural light with a view over the front landscaped garden and pool area. The city views were also very important yet we needed to address the late setting of the western sun (behind the view) whilst still providing a visual window for when the kids would be within the pool area,” Mr Cassettai said.

Mr Cassettai’s solution was to incorporate northern highlight glazing in an effort to shield out northern neighbours and the driveway. Breezway Altair Louvre Windows to the northern elevation were included and two awnings over the western elevation were also extended.

The master bedroom featuring an ensuite spa, dining, living, kitchen and outdoor area all boast views of the city.

Mr Cassettai stated, “We wanted to capture the city views so we placed as many of the living areas to the front of the home. Utilising manual and powered Altair Louvre Windows were a natural choice as they allowed us an uninterrupted view of the stunning backdrop to this home whilst providing the refreshing rural hills breeze to flow through the property.”

This home design is a mixture of earthy elements with contemporary, pared back styling. Breezway Louvre Windows have therefore complimented this perfectly.

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