Breezway is proud to be a NATSPEC Product Partner

3 May 2019

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Breezway is proud to be a NATSPEC Product Partner and look forward to continuing our work with this organization.

The NATSPEC Product Partner program places manufacturer
information within the NATSPEC system to create branded worksections which
provide subscribers with an alternative to generic worksections available

The main advantages of using the NATSPEC Breezway branded worksection are:

  • Minimal customising required as the Template has been approximately 90% pre-edited in conjunction with Breezway.
  • Current product information is readily available and accessible via hyperlinks between the Template and Breezway’s website reducing research time and facilitating early decision making.
  • The possibility of product substitution by the contractor may be reduced as the unique performance characteristics of the Breezway product are clearly specified.
  • Specifiers can rely on NATSPEC industry knowledge and regular updates of the relevant standards and building codes.

NATSPEC Background

Breezway is proud to be a NATSPEC Product Partner as they are a national not-for-profit organisation, owned by the design, build, construct and property industry through professional associations and government property groups. Their objective is to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information.

Breezway Branded Worksection

The Breezway branded worksection may be downloaded and used in project specifications. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure it is completed appropriately for the project. The user should also review its applicability for local conditions and regulations.

To download the Breezway Louvre Window branded worksection please follow this link to our Specification Page.

If you would like a Breezway Representative to walk you through the NATSPEC branded worksection and how it may be used for your next project, please contact our Design Assist Team on 1800 777 758 or email to make your booking today.

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