We are delighted to provide you with this update below on the latest Altair® Louvre product improvements from Breezway.

Breezway Louvres are now BAL-40 Compliant!

Breezway is proud to announce that Altair® Louvres in the EasyscreenTM Window System have successfully passed testing in accordance with AS1530.8.1-2007 to BAL-40 conditions with Invisi-GardTM Security Screens. This provides a much more convenient and aesthetic alternative to enclosing the window with bushfire shutters.

Breezway has also contracted the test laboratory to assess screen equivalency which, once published, will allow for any screen also tested successfully in accordance with AS1530.8.1-2007 to be used as a substitute to the tested screening. Availability of this will be communicated at a later date.

In addition to this, all toughened 6mm fixed lites in the EasyscreenTM Window System can meet deemed-to-satisfy provisions for BAL-40 when using flame retardant glazing wedges supplied by Breezway on all glazed and unglazed fixed lites as standard product.

For more information about using Altair® Louvres in Bushfire Prone Areas please visit our Bushfire Compliance page.

Changes to Product Offer

New Addition:

Commencing 23rd August we will be introducing a larger transformer/power supply, capable of providing power for up to 14 PowerlouvreTM System motors simultaneously. This is in addition to the existing 6 motor transformer, granting our valued customers the choice to better suit their project.

For large projects where more than 14 motors are used in a single run, it is still necessary for a larger transformer to be sourced from a third party electrical supplier to suit the requirements of the project. Pricing for the new PowerlouvreTM System Transformer is $144.49 RRP. For an updated Price List please contact your local Breezway Area Manager.

Discontinued Product:

In a bid to streamline our operations and improve service to customers we will be removing a slow-moving extrusion from our product offer. As of 1st November, the availability of the Heavy Duty Mullion for the SL2® Window System will cease.

The SL2® Window System itself remains, however for projects requiring higher serviceability performance, the EasyscreenTM Window System and Innoscreen® Window System can be used as higher performing substitutes.

Packaging Improvements:

Starting in September, customers will notice a change to the way manual Altair® Louvre Component Galleries are packed for delivery. Manual galleries will now be clipped together with plastic couplers, or channel packing clips, to ensure they stay firmly positioned during transit without any risk of paint rub. PowerlouvreTM System Galleries will continue to be boxed.

Made from recycled plastic, these channel packing clips will hold both ends of each gallery set. These can be easily slid off the gallery for removal and can be reattached if needed by snapping them onto the back of the channels again.

For more information on our Altair Louvre product updates, please contact your local Area Manager or our Design Assist Team on 1800 777 758 to discuss your needs. Our Design Consultants can also be contacted via email designassist@breezway.com.au or Online Chat on our website.