Beauty, Style and Elegance in Highfields


This custom project located in Highfields has been designed and built by the wonderful Team at Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions Toowoomba East. The stunning four bedroom, three bathroom plus two garage home boasts open plan living, a large outdoor entertainment area and a spacious kitchen with butler’s pantry.

Breezway louvres with a mix of satina and clear glass provides privacy and natural light in bathrooms
Breezway Louvres either side of sliding doors to maintain outdoor views in the living room
Stunning home in Highfields using Breezway Louvre Windows
A mix of clear glass and frosted glass blades provide views and privacy in the butlers pantry

Breezway Louvre Windows have been integrated throughout the design in almost every room of the house. By using Breezway Louvres next to fixed lite glazing, crystal clear outdoor views of the breath-taking surrounding landscape can be enjoyed. And when blades are wide open, fresh breezes filter into the home to keep it naturally comfortable all year round. This helps to reduce the need for air conditioning in summer and prevents moisture build-up during cooler months.

The builder’s client specified Breezway Louvre Windows for the home design as they trusted the product. In addition, the ability to customise each louvre window was also highly regarded – more specifically being able to use half frosted satina glass and half clear glass in the bathrooms and butler’s pantry to provide natural light and privacy.

Builder: Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions Toowoomba East
Tel: 07 4526 7222

Photographer: Statik Illusions
Tel: 0405 159 588