Coastal-Style Home Features Breezway Louvre Windows


A simple coastal-style residence has been designed to capitalise on the natural environment – natural sunlight, sea breezes and sea views, creating a very liveable coastal family home. The new build utilises simple modern and natural materials to provide a timeless aesthetic, consistent with this location’s executive seaside neighbourhood.

The building’s design encompasses a balance between form and function with a deliberate consideration of passive solar liveable design techniques, to capture the natural sunlight, sea breezes and sea views that this property offers.

The use of passive solar design techniques allow the house to be comfortable all year round; whether it be capturing natural sunlight and warmth in winter, to naturally cooling cross flow ventilation through wide open Breezway Louvre Windows in summer. The home provides a variety of indoor and outdoor areas for occupants to utilise and enjoy with direct access to a beautifully natural landscaped garden. This new house provides occupants with a low maintenance, healthy living environment for years to come.

Building Designer: Richard Lutze
RLA Building Design
Tel: 02 6628 5048

Photographer: Property Shot Photography
Tel: 0414 309 519