Doonan Glasshouse Maximises Cross Flow Ventilation with Breezway Louvre Windows


This project was Sarah Waller’s own personal, architect’s ‘dream home’ in Doonan, Queensland and was designed around three primary elements: a white concrete slab that appears to be floating, long expanses of full height glazing and a near flat roof. The clean lines, total transparency to the landscape and minimal detail of this design combine to create an architectural home that reflects the houses of the 1950’s Modern Movement, whilst the monochromatic colour scheme of the finishes and interior styling pull the house together, resulting in a chic, modern and flowing family home.

With an extensive architectural background and expertise as a licensed builder, Sarah creatively designed her home inspired by the simplicity and sophistication of mid-century modern architecture.

Walls of glass, including the incorporation of Breezway Altair Louvre Windows, span the length of the home, blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces. The extensive glazing also allows an abundance of natural light and ventilation to stream through, imbuing warmth and unimpeded views of the verdant surrounds. Sarah Waller states “I love that you have all the comforts of indoors, yet you really feel part of the landscape. We wake up with the sun and experience the subtle changes in weather throughout the day.”

Taking style cues from the Modernist Palm Springs pools popular during the 1950’s, a similar look is evoked with a streamlined resort-style linear pool, offset with a chic cabana furnished with casual pieces ideal for relaxing and soaking up the sweeping views.

This project has won the following awards:

  • 2016 Queensland Bathroom of the Year, HIA Queensland Region Housing Awards
  • Bathroom of the Year, 2016 HIA Sunshine Coast Housing Awards
  • Bathroom over $40,001, 2016 HIA Sunshine Coast Housing Awards
  • Kitchen of the Year, 2016 HIA Sunshine Coast Housing Awards
  • Kitchen over $50,001, 2016 HIA Sunshine Coast Housing Awards

Architect: Sarah Waller Architecture
Tel: 0406 620 460
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