Enhance the comfort of your home with Breezway Louvre Windows


Built by multi-award winner Steve Haycock Construction Limited, this residence at Omaha displays pure elegance. With a long history of building quality homes from Warkworth to the Mangawhai region, Steve Haycock Construction has delivered a home that exceeds the client’s expectations with a functional, yet stylish layout that is comfortable all year round.

Breezway Louvre Windows have been supplied by Composite Joinery Limited into this four bedroom, three bathroom home and have been strategically placed to provide fresh ventilation when required to reduce the build up of mould or moisture.

Breezway Louvres are all custom made and can be designed to suit narrow applications or for installation beside fixed lites to help maintain uninterrupted views such as the ones in this beautiful home out onto the stunning Omaha Bay.

Aluminium Joiner: Composite Joinery Limited
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Builder: Steve Haycock Construction Limited
Tel:+64 27 496 3711
Email: steve@stevehaycockconstruction.co.nz
Website: www.stevehaycockconstruction.co.nz

Photographer: Amy Jenkins
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