Excellent use of Ventilation and Acoustic Insulation in the Thuringowa RSL


Breezway’s new secondary glazed Altair Louvre Dualair System has been specified into the newly built Thuringowa RSL located in Townsville.Ken Tippett, founding Director of Townsville-based architectural practice, Ken Tippett Architect, designed this building after recently completing the Spectators Sports Bar and Garrisons Bistro at the Townsville RSL.

During the design process of the Thuringowa RSL, Ken Tippett specified the Altair Louvre Dualair System to suit the requirement of a commercial window system that had the flexibility of providing good natural ventilation in the cooler months, while blocking out the air-conditioning noise in the warmer months. The Dualair System was able to solve this requirement admirably due to the nature of the secondary glazed system opening wide for maximum ventilation and sealing tight to offer a sound acoustic rating of Rw 35.

When louvre blades are closed the Dualair System offers high Rw values of 35
Thuringowa RSL uses the new Dualair System
Double bay of the Dualair System at floor to ceiling heights
Apptivate Control Unit operates Powerlouvre Window

The system was installed with a hybrid of automated and manual Altair Louvre Galleries with the Stronghold System into the Alspec McArthur Evo Frame. The Powerlouvre Galleries are controlled by the Breezway Apptivate Control System installed close by on the wall adjacent to the windows. The Dualair System also offers significantly improved water penetration resistance of up to 620pa for window sizes as large as the ones installed into the Thuringowa RSL.

In addition to the Dualair System, there are a number of other Altair Louvre Windows installed into Breezway Easyscreen Frames throughout the building to maximise airflow and allow uninterrupted views for occupants to enjoy during their visit.

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