High House Renovation, Light & Spacious Inner City Terrace Living

Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

The High House is crafted by Dan Gayfer Design and is a renovation of a terrace that re-invents inner city terrace living in Melbourn’e Fitzroy. Dan Gayfer brings customised and considered innovation to his residential designs to enhance everyday life. The focus on this particular project is on the convenience of inner city living, without compromising on space, function, interaction, flexibility or light.

To this effect, the high house absorbs a high level of functionality and flexibility through the use of high ceilings, a high roofline and high levels of natural light with large panels of fixed lite glazing and Breezway Louvre Windows.

Significant emphasis was placed on encouraging interaction in all living spaces of this five-metre wide inner city terrace. Ledges/steps, lounges and benches are all purposefully located to facilitate and promote conversation and activity between occupants.

The design of the interior and exterior elements are tailored towards the client’s everyday living and movement patterns, with custom seating on the rear and rooftop terraces as one such example.

The incorporation of Breezway Louvre Windows helps with the flow of air and light into the living and bathroom areas to allow occupants to enjoy the comfort of the space, whilst monumentally adding to the lines and shapes of the design.

Designer – Dan Gayfer Design
0411 159 380 info@dangayfer.com

Photographer – Dean Bradley
0423 395 743 dean@deanbradley.co