Indooroopilly State High School 6FC Building

Designed for a ‘community of forward thinkers’, the new building at Indooroopilly State High School bookends the campus, establishing a precedent for future development. The form provides a catalyst for the masterplan’s reimagining of the campus identity. The outcome is contextual, enduring, and efficient with learning settings and an undercroft capable of adaptation to suit future change.
Breezway Louvres enable breezes, reduced energy consumption and scents of nature.
Social sustainability is at the heart of the design response by Hayball, providing a choice of comfortable learning settings and a missing ‘backyard’ for many children. A welcoming, multi-purpose, framed courtyard and bridge unifies the learning community – an inclusive, joyful, equitable, playful, supportive, place where people and concurrent learning modalities happily co-exist. The courtyard and feature stairs support activities such as performance, dance, informal meetings, storytelling, cultural engagement, and exercise. The building massing assists acoustic control relative to neighbouring dwellings whilst porosity to the Oval assist’s public events. The bridge connects with the existing buildings whilst serving as a place for informal learning, engagement, and conversations in a contemporary extrapolation of the heritage verandahs.

The beauty and delight of nature are celebrated by the preserved gums surrounding the new building. Light and breeze are filtered by permeable screens and roof lights. Sculpted verandas serve as passive shading devices and operable Breezway Louvre Windows enable breezes, reduced energy consumption and scents of nature.

Learning spaces are agile, connected, efficiently planned, and enriched by nature. The subtle façade generates a singularity of form and a distinctive place for teaching, learning, collaboration and community. An articulated, neutral, and authentic palette characteristic of the original heritage assets offering timeless appeal and environmental sensitivity. A site-specific colour strategy references the ground, shades of gum trees and sky, enriching the experience and cultural connection. This approach supports students learning and development, all within an environment enriched by nature.

Words provided by Hayball Pty Ltd.

Architect: Hayball Pty Ltd
Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones