Lifestyle Working Collins Street, Office Block

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
“Lifestyle Working Collins Street combines architectural vision and creative planning with community responsibility, commercial functionality and environmental sustainability.”

Lifestyle Working Collins Street is a development that accommodates over 137 individual commercial suites and retail spaces in the heart of Melbourne at 838 Collins Street. The project is a creation by Lend Lease in consultation with Stable Group and designed by Nettletontribe Project Architects.

The four storey building incorporates a series of spaces that display various levels of privacy for tenants to utilise for small to medium business types. These include flexible platforms for meeting spaces, discussion areas, alternative working environments or private areas for contemplation.

The Lifestyle Working Building allows people to move freely from space to space and encourages a diversity of businesses to occupy the space. The structure embraces values and commitment to growth and stability.

This innovative, yet clever design helps individuals connect with nature by bringing the outside in. This is achieved through multiple fixed and operable windows that filter natural light, air and a sense of space into the built environment. Altair Louvre Windows with the new Stronghold System have been incorporated into the external framework of the building to assist with energy efficiency and natural airflow. By using the Stronghold System, it provides additional strength and safety to this multi-storey building where blades are mechanically held in place by a pin that passes through the clip and blade. Standard Altair Louvre Windows have also been strategically placed internally so that air can flow throughout the building, yet noise control and privacy can be maintained when the louvres are closed.

With lower operating costs in mind and reduced energy needs due to low reliance on mechanical ventilation, these are some of the initiatives that will assist with better economic performance of the building. This project is the first strata building in Australia to enter into a commercial agreement for a 5 Star NABERS Energy and Water Rating together with a 5 Star Green Star Rating. Through these innovative technologies in energy and water usage, the impact on the environment is significantly reduced and social performance is enhanced. As a result, the Lifestyle Working building is an inspiring and enjoyable place for all building occupants to work and emphasises the importance of finding a balance between work and leisure.

Nettletontribe’s Lifestyle Working Collins Street has won the 2013 BPN Award for Large Commercial.

Project Date – September 2013

Developers – Lend Lease and Stable Group

Architect – Nettletontribe Project Architects