Natural Elements Assist in Australian Piece of Architecture


This project was designed by Alisco Designs and provides the client with a unique Australian piece of residential architecture which enhances the existing natural beauty of the site and surrounding environment.

Tall narrow Breezway louvres in the bathroom keep mirrors steam-free
Study rooms with Breezway louvres provide a view and natural ventilation
Front facade of too rock home with rock pool
Breezway louvres on opposite sides of the bedroom is the best way to achieve cross ventilation

The home presents naturally into its environment, capitalising on views and vistas from all angles through the help of Breezway Louvre Windows and fixed lite glazing. Generous access to natural daylight and sunlight through these windows also provides a greater level of comfort for occupants to enjoy all year round.

Site elements such as rocky outcrops, gum trees, small and large boulders also assist with the home being at one with nature. The home epitomises the confluence of design and construction brilliance against a uniquely Australian environment and comfortably satisfies the needs of the owner.

This project has won the following awards:

  • 2017 BDAQ for Residential Design – New Houses $500,001 to $750,000

Building Designer: Scott Keane
Alisco Designs Pty Ltd
Phone: 07 4613 0080

Photographer: Statik Illusions
Phone: 0405 159 588