Natural Ventilation and Adventurous Living Spaces with Breezway


A homeowner with a love for mountain sports and a growing family formed the foundation for this adventurous transformation and extension.

View of backyard at Yeronga project with Breezway Louvres
Breezway Louvres provide ventilation to living areas inside the home
Birds eye view of Breezway Louvres with glass blades
Breezway Louvres provide plenty of natural light and ventilation to keep homes comfortable

Breezway Louvres are utilised in this Yeronga Renovation, allowing for natural ventilation, a spacious internal climbing wall and adventurous living. The entry sequence through a series of contrasting enclosed and open space take guests on a unique journey before arriving at the rear private living spaces. Breezway Louvres paired with modern design combine to represent a space of natural beauty and adventure while offering protection from the elements.

Architect: Smith Architects
Phone: 07 3399 4228
Mobile: 0400 584 083

Photographer: Black Bee Studio