New Home Maximises Views Over Bay with Generous Forms of Glazing


This new home in Whangaparaoa is nestled amongst the branches of protected Pohutukawa, looking through greenery to the Wade River as it flows into Arkles Bay. The brief for this project involved a new four bedroom home, with complete privacy from the street and maximum views over the water.

 Make a statement with a bold Breezway louvre in the bathroom to allow natural ventilation. Photo credit Simon Devitt
Living room with tall narrow Breezway louvres next to fixed lite glazing. Photo credit Simon Devitt
Enjoy uninterrupted views with floor to ceiling glazing and Breezway louvres. Photo credit Simon Devitt
Bedroom maximises natural light and fresh air with Breezway louvres next to fixed lite glazing. Photo credit Simon Devitt

Fulfilling this purpose, vertical metal cladding wraps up and over an enigmatic angular form that sits close to a cliff edge. From the street, glimpses of glazing, living areas, vertical cedar cladding and low-maintenance bagged masonry can be seen from oblique angles. However, the visual impact of the metal cladding cutting through the centre of the site draws the eye, and provides a sense of the mysterious.

To the rear of the site, façades are softened with the careful combination of materials and forms, with generous glazing looking out to the bay. Breezway Louvre Windows have been incorporated next to the fixed glazing to help maintain the uninterrupted views out onto the bay while providing natural ventilation when required.

A number of outdoor living areas are apportioned along three edges of the home. These are screened and sheltered to provide protection against prevailing and unpredictable winds. The angular roof form ties a single storey garage to the first floor bedroom and living spaces, folding gently over the rectangular south-eastern façade.

A central stairwell framed by double-height glazing works in tandem with an aligned skylight and void, creating a light well through the heart of the home over an interior garden.

Architect: Creative Arch
Phone: +64 9 309 6032

Photographer: Simon Devitt
Phone: +64 21 680 959

Photographer: Andy Chui (drawphoto)
Phone: +64 21 2 489489