EZONE Student Hub, Crawley Campus, UWA

EZONE Student Hub, Crawley Campus, UWA

EZONE Student Hub, Crawley Campus, UWA


The EZONE Student Hub of The University of Western Australia is considered a world-class learning space for engineering and mathematical science students. The building was designed by Hassell with assistance from engineering students and utilises the Breezway Altair® Powerlouvre™ System up high, in out-of-reach locations, to automatically open and close in conjunction with a Building Management System when conditions permit.

This new innovative and collaborative space is designed to transform the way students are educated, undertake research and engage with the community.

The project connects new and repurposed buildings, making a new Western Gateway into the heart of the Crawley campus. The high Gateway roof defines a shared pedestrian zone flanked by café and informal learning steps; a social heart for both the engineering and community.

Beautiful UWA planting runs into and up the building, blurring the traditional boundaries between inside and outside. A golden ‘veil’ envelops the building, excluding glare and heat with a unique design. The veil brings dappled light into the building and public spaces.

Adaptable, bright education spaces are designed for collaboration and interaction with students. The flexible workspaces can be changed to suit the purpose and conversation throughout the day. With the incorporation of Breezway Altair Louvre Windows, beautiful outdoor views can be enjoyed from the inside, whilst fresh cooling breezes can flow in from louvres when open to keep students comfortable in their learning environment. This helps enhance the student experience.

This engaging environment is a place for students and the industry to work together to shape global economies of the future.

Architect: Hassell
Tel: 08 6477 6000
Email: perth@​hassellstudio.​com
Website: www.hassellstudio.com

Client: The University of Western Australia
Website: www.uwa.edu.au/facilities/ezone

Renovated General Gordon Hotel with Breezway Powerlouvre Windows

Renovated General Gordon Hotel with Breezway Powerlouvre Windows

Renovated General Gordon Hotel with Breezway Powerlouvre Windows


The General Gordon Hotel was due for major renovations in 2018 and CVD Commercial Glass & Aluminium Windows were originally contracted to install the glazing until the hotel was burnt down by fire.

The scope of works had then changed and was in planning for over a year until it was agreed upon and approved by all involved.

CVD’s scope was to supply and install the Breezway Altair Powerlouvre™ System in an Alspec Airflo Louvre Frame with Viridian glass blades to high level windows including the Gaming Room’s frameless automatic doors, the Hotel Room’s shower screens and frameless entry doors.

This project had strict working conditions and the highest of safety measures all workers had to abide by. The Hotel is owned by the JDA Hotels Group and was set out to become an outstanding Pub which boosts the highest of quality internal finishes.

The new look of the General Gordon Hotel was designed by AVA Architects and includes several distinct spaces. The focal point is the new alfresco courtyard encompassing a sculptural pergola layered with greenery and protected from the elements.

The bright Bistro area is full of eclectic furniture and styling ideal for casual dining. It’s also connected to the revamped Sports Bar which echoes the old-style public bar with its terrazzo floor tiles and historic memorabilia covering the timber walls. There are also eight new accommodation rooms on the first floor.
Chris from CVD states “Both the front and back bars feature charred wood in memory of the 2018 fire and the original heritage façade has been refreshed and revived to its former glory.”

CVD is delighted to have been part of the construction team working alongside Rohrig where they have developed a strong working relationship spanning over five years.

Client: JDA Hotels
Architect: AVA Architects
Builder: Rohrig
Fabricator: CVD Commercial Glass & Aluminium Windows
Videography: West End Media

Dine in Style at the Peakhurst Inn

Dine in Style at the Peakhurst Inn

Dine in Style at the Peakhurst Inn


CVD Commercial Glass & Aluminium Windows Pty Ltd was approached by their good client Rohrig to provide a price for the Peakhurst Inn project. With a long standing and great working history CVD was able to help Rohrig in some design aspects for this project to ensure their client design criteria was met.

This project had faced many challeneges in the course of its building with water egress issues and also strict compliance issues with BCA for emergency exits. However, CVD with the help of Alspec were able to find a solution to allow water to escape effortlessly without encroaching on the internal surfaces.

The Peakhurst Inn has recently undergone Car park Entry Works adding modern Breezway Altair Powerlouvre Windows to height windows for natural ventilation and to open up the area to natural daylight and a feeling of spaciousness for patrons to enjoy. The final completion of this project now showcases this establishment as a leader in design and finishes for JDA Hotels and a benchmark for all other venues.

Client: JDA Hotels
Architect: Bergstrom
Builder: Rohig Constructions
Fabricator: CVD Commercial Glass & Aluminium Windows Pty Ltd
Tel: 02 9673 5666
Email: chris@cvdcommercialglass.com.au
Website: www.cvdglass.com.au

Kiama Residence Utilises Breezway Powerlouvre Windows for Natural Ventilation

Kiama Residence Utilises Breezway Powerlouvre Windows for Natural Ventilation

Kiama Residence Utilises Breezway Powerlouvre Windows for Natural Ventilation


This residential home was architecturally designed through a collaborative effort by George Carone from Carone + Dolan Design and Alison Stephens from Coble Stephens Architects.

Located at one of the highest points in Kiama; a beautiful seaside town on the New South Wales South Coast, this project took three years to design and plan, and eighteen months to construct.

Breezway Louvre Windows have been specified and installed as sidelites beside the unique front entry door to allow natural light and ventilation into this entrance even when the door is closed. Further to this, automated Breezway Powerlouvre Windows are installed above fixed lites and sliding doors in the main living area that lead out onto the outdoor entertaining area.

There is a large use of recycled timber and steel throughout the design creating interesting features that make this home quite extraordinary in appearance.

George Carone
Carone + Dolan Design
Phone: 0418 267 939
Website: www.caronedolandesign.com

Alison Stephens
Coble Stephens Architects
Phone: 02 4869 5395
Website: coblestephens.com

Naturally Ventilated Hydrotherapy Pool Facility

Naturally Ventilated Hydrotherapy Pool Facility

Naturally Ventilated Hydrotherapy Pool Facility


Scope Building NT Pty Ltd is a Northern Territory owned and operated Construction Company. With over 60 years combined experience, the company specialises in local building development, including the construction of the new $3.1 million Hydrotherapy Pool at Palmerston Regional Hospital.

The Palmerston Hydrotherapy Pool facility is naturally ventilated with Breezway Louvre Windows
High level Breezway Powerlouvre Windows allow hot air to escape and be replenished by cool refreshing breezes from lower level louvres
Breezway Louvres have been installed on either side of the Hydrotherapy Pool Building for natural ventilation
Breezway Louvres are ideal for cross flow ventilation and remove the need for airconditioning in the Palmerston Hydropool Facility

The aquatic facility is the first purpose-built hydrotherapy pool developed by the Northern Territory Government. The facility includes a temperature-controlled pool, with a ramp and hoist access for mobility-impaired patients.

Breezway Altair Louvre Windows and industrial ceiling fans are installed into the building to maximise natural cross flow ventilation and air circulation, thereby removing the need for air conditioning. Automated Breezway Powerlouvre Windows are installed up high so hot built-up air can be flushed out quickly and be replenished with cool air from lower level louvres. The Powerlouvre Windows are operated by the Breezway Apptivate Control Unit while lower level louvres are manually operated by Arens wind up controls. The Altair Louvre Windows are finished with a high performance powdercoat to ensure long life durability due to the atmospheric conditions and are installed in a Breezway Easyscreen Surround Frame with security bars for added protection.

Situated near the rehabilitation ward of the Palmerston Regional Hospital, the facility has been designed to improve the quality of life for patients while upskilling practitioners to better care for and treat Territorians.

Builder: Scope Building NT
Tel: 1300 672 673
Email: info@scopent.com.au
Website: scopent.com.au

Architect: DKJ projects.architecture
Tel: 08 8981 9177
Website: dkj.net.au

Fabricator: AllGlass & Aluminium
Tel: 08 8947 7158
Website: www.allglassnt.com