Breezway Louvres Building Code Compliance and Site Suitability

Using Altair louvres the right way for your application

It is important to ensure that any window is fit for its intended purpose, and Breezway take this very seriously. Our products are tested in accordance with relevant Australian Standards, referenced in the National Construction Code for a variety of applications.

A lot of building code compliance will vary from product-to-product, and a rule for one type of window might not necessarily apply to a Louvre, so it is important that your requirements be checked with the manufacturer of every system you intend to use.

One example of this is the requirements for safety glazing. A fixed lite window, for example, allows for use of Grade A Laminated Safety Glass for such applications. In a louvre window though, laminated glass will not satisfy the requirements of AS1288-2006 (Glass in Buildings). If Safety Glazing is required and louvres are to be used, then the glass must be Grade A Toughened Safety Glass.