Louvre Window Acoustic Performance

Reduce the amount of noise pollution entering your building

Altair® Louvre Acoustic Testing

The relatively thick glass and good sealing of the Altair Louvre window system provides an effective noise insulation barrier.

Sound transmission loss field tests were conducted independently by a member firm of the Association of the Australia Acoustical Consultants.

The tests were carried out on Altair windows 2400 high x 840 wide and 2100 high x 840 wide. The windows comprised of a Breezway Louvre Windows aluminium surround frame complete with 152 Altair louvres. Testing was conducted to ISO 717-1:1996E.

Blade MaterialR'45 w (C,Ctr)R'w (C,Ctr)
Toughened Glass27 (-0.6;-2.7)28 (0;-2.9)
Aluminium25 (-0.7;-2.3)25 (-1;-2)
Timber24 (-0.9;-3.1)

Altair® Dualair System Acoustic Testing

The Altair Dualair Secondary Glazed Louvre system has been laboratory tested for sound transmission loss.

The laboratory tests were conducted by the CSIRO on an Altair Dualair Secondary Glazed Louvre System 1220 high x 1100 wide. The windows comprised of Altair Dualair Secondary Glazed Louvre System within Alspec McArthur 150mm Framing. Testing was conducted to AS/NZS 1276.1:1999 (ISO 717-1:1996).

Test results for Dualair System configured to maximise water penetration resistance (WPR).
Outer Blade MaterialInner Blade MaterialR'w (C;Ctr)
Toughened GlassToughened Glass35 (-1;-3)
AluminiumToughened Glass35 (-2;-4)