Window Fall Prevention and Barriers

Using Altair Louvres to Meet Fall Prevention Through Openable Window Requirements

Restricted Window Openings

Clauses of the Building Code of Australia detail the situations in which openable windows require fall prevention measures and the requirements that windows in these situations must meet.

Breezway has a number of solutions that can be applied to the Altair Louvre to meet these Building Code clauses. Importantly, the Fall Prevention solutions also continue to provide a good level of ventilation so the room remains comfortable and the need for air conditioning is greatly reduced.



The Altair Louvre restricted opening devices and the Stronghold System blade retention are permanent fixtures which cannot be removed, unlocked or overridden without complex tool usage (such as a drill). Products that can be unlocked or overridden with a simple tool or two-handed operation, such as removing a louvre blade with coordinated two-handed operation, will also require additional barriers to 865mm.

If screens will be used to provide protection as per Clauses and D2.24 then the Altair Louvre Windows will not require the Stronghold System and will not require blade openings to be restricted. The window frame and securely fitted screen assembly should be tested to “AS5203:2016 – Protection of Openable Windows/Fall Prevention” to ensure that the assembly will not permit a 125mm sphere to pass through it and resist a horizontal outward force of 250N.


Breezway Altair Louvre products are not a balustrade system. Nor are any other window types. Balustrades are one type of barrier. Altair louvres with the Stronghold System and suitable openings are another. It is always important to ensure that a particular barrier system complies with the relevant Building Codes and associated Standards.

For information on using Breezway Louvres with the Stronghold System to comply with fall prevention or as a window replacement in apartments, please visit the Apartment Window Replacement page.

*CPD Tutorials*
Breezway offers three formal CPD tutorials to Architects & Designers on Fall Prevention, Ventilation and AS2047 and AS1288. These have been accredited by Architectural Information Services (AIS). Book today and collect your CPD points!

Fall Prevention Technical Documents

Video Protecting Children From Falls with the Stronghold System
The following Altair Louvre Window configurations have passed testing to the Australian Window Association’s industry code of practice “AS5203:2016 – Protection of Openable Window Testing Specification”:

Manual Stronghold System

Product RangeMaximum Blade LengthRequired Restriction
152 Toughened Glass1,127mm100mm
102 Toughened Glass 707mmNone
102 Toughened Glass750mm80mm
152 Aluminium900mm100mm
102 Aluminium750mm80mm
Powerlouvre Stronghold System

Product RangeMaximum Blade LengthRequired Restriction
152 Toughened Glass900mm80mm
152 Toughened Glass with Security D-Bar 1,127mm100mm
102 Toughened Glass707mmNone
102 Toughened Glass750mm80mm
152 Aluminium900mm80mm
152 Aluminium with Security D-Bar900mm100mm
102 Aluminium650mmNone
102 Aluminium750mm80mm
Fixed Stronghold System

Product RangeMaximum Blade LengthRequired Restriction
Toughened Glass & Aluminium900mmFixed
Dualair Stronghold System

Product RangeMaximum Blade LengthRequired Restriction
Toughened Glass & Aluminium900mm100mm1
Toughened Glass & Aluminium1,127mm80mm1

1. Dualair Secondary Glazed System requires both inner and outer glazing layers to be configured for compliance.

IGLU Double Glazed Louvre System

Product RangeMaximum Blade LengthRequired Restriction
IGLU Manual1,127mm72mm
IGLU Powerlouvre System800mm72mm
If you would like more information on Designing with Breezway Louvres to Comply with Fall Prevention Standards please contact our Design Assist Team on +61 7 3847 0500 or email