Springside West Secondary College

Springside West Secondary College

Springside West Secondary College with Breezway Louvres


Springside West Secondary College is a new educational facility on Melbourne’s western urban fringe boundary. It is the heart of the new suburb Fraser Rise alongside the City of Melton City Vista Sports and Community Precinct. It will be a place that strives for academic excellence while catering for all needs via the integrated satellite specialist learning spaces.

Breezway Louvres allow fresh air and natural light
A STEAM centre for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as well as elongated Learning Community was completed as part of the Stage 1 constructions in January 2018. An Administration and Resource Centre, Performing Arts Centre, Sports Hall and two Learning Communities were delivered as part of the Stage 2 works in the following year.

Learning spaces are strategically collocated to enable peer to peer learning and a cross pollination of ideas. Many of the learning spaces open onto one another through large openings or are enhanced via adjacent presentation, group, or discussion areas. Breezway Louvre Windows are placed up high to allow natural light and fresh ventilation to into the learning spaces. Wherever possible, outdoor learning areas are provided directly adjacent to general learning areas.

The building features a mixture of brickwork and light weight cladding materials to create a unique identity. The school colours illuminate the interior and help reinforce the identity of the new community.

The covered way provides a central axis which continues through to the Sports and Community precinct. The landscape is populated with large platform seats and shaded grassy areas which encourage students to sit and study together.

Architect: Brand Architects
Website: www.brandarchitects.com.au

Photographer: Rachael Dere – Blue Tree Studios
Website: www.bluetreestudios.com.au

Indooroopilly State High School Six Full Cohorts Building

Indooroopilly State High School Six Full Cohorts Building

Indooroopilly State High School 6FC Building

Designed for a ‘community of forward thinkers’, the new building at Indooroopilly State High School bookends the campus, establishing a precedent for future development. The form provides a catalyst for the masterplan’s reimagining of the campus identity. The outcome is contextual, enduring, and efficient with learning settings and an undercroft capable of adaptation to suit future change.
Breezway Louvres enable breezes, reduced energy consumption and scents of nature.
Social sustainability is at the heart of the design response by Hayball, providing a choice of comfortable learning settings and a missing ‘backyard’ for many children. A welcoming, multi-purpose, framed courtyard and bridge unifies the learning community – an inclusive, joyful, equitable, playful, supportive, place where people and concurrent learning modalities happily co-exist. The courtyard and feature stairs support activities such as performance, dance, informal meetings, storytelling, cultural engagement, and exercise. The building massing assists acoustic control relative to neighbouring dwellings whilst porosity to the Oval assist’s public events. The bridge connects with the existing buildings whilst serving as a place for informal learning, engagement, and conversations in a contemporary extrapolation of the heritage verandahs.

The beauty and delight of nature are celebrated by the preserved gums surrounding the new building. Light and breeze are filtered by permeable screens and roof lights. Sculpted verandas serve as passive shading devices and operable Breezway Louvre Windows enable breezes, reduced energy consumption and scents of nature.

Learning spaces are agile, connected, efficiently planned, and enriched by nature. The subtle façade generates a singularity of form and a distinctive place for teaching, learning, collaboration and community. An articulated, neutral, and authentic palette characteristic of the original heritage assets offering timeless appeal and environmental sensitivity. A site-specific colour strategy references the ground, shades of gum trees and sky, enriching the experience and cultural connection. This approach supports students learning and development, all within an environment enriched by nature.

Words provided by Hayball Pty Ltd.

Architect: Hayball Pty Ltd
Website: www.hayball.com.au
Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones
Website: www.cfjphoto.com.au

Caloundra Christian College, Junior Learning Centre

Caloundra Christian College, Junior Learning Centre

Caloundra Christian College, Junior Learning Centre

Caloundra Christian College is an independent Christian School located on the southern end of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The School has a student body of approximately 300 students, from pre-kindy to Year 12. The School was established in 1983 and was founded by Caloundra CityLife Baptist Church.
Breezway Louvres allow fresh air and natural light

Resilience, adaptability, collaboration are qualities that will be highly sought-after from this new generation of learners. Responding to this, Caloundra Christian College’s new Junior School was designed around a play based and collaborative learning framework where importance was placed on both the internal and external learning environments to facilitate learning.

The internal learning spaces vary in scale to create flexibility. The large central area is a community space, where several classes can come together or where children can break out from designated learning areas. The high void fills the space with natural light, plus connects the two upper levels of the building visually and physically.

Visibility between spaces is important. Large sliding and bi-folding doors remove physical boundaries between designated learning areas which further aid learning through enquiry, collaboration and discovery. When walls are closed, visibility between spaces is still maintained with the extensive use of glass and Breezway Louvre Windows; connecting spaces while also giving acoustic and airflow control between spaces. While the building performs well acoustically, the learning spaces are at times opened up where the noise of busy young learners is gratifying.

Caloundra Christian College Junior Learning Centre has won the following awards:

  • 2020 AIA Gabriel Poole Award for Building of the Year (McLellan Bush Architects)
  • 2020 AIA Sunshine Coast Regional Commendation – Educational Architecture (McLellan Bush Architects)
  • 2020 LEA Award for Excellence in Education Design: Landscaping / Outdoor Learning Area Winner (Greenedge Design)
  • 2019 Master Builders Regional & QLD State Award winner for Education Buildings up to $10 Mil (EvansBuilt Pty Ltd)


Architect: McLellan Bush Architects
Website: www.mclellanbush.com.au
Photographer: Andy Macpherson
Website: andymacpherson.studio
The Marian Centre, Brigidine College

The Marian Centre, Brigidine College

The Marian Centre,
Brigidine College

Brigidine College is an Independent Catholic Girls School that follows the example of St Brigid – ‘a woman of vision and courage, who actively challenged the social, political and cultural structures of her time.’ The College is committed to the education and empowerment of young women.
Learning spaces are naturally ventilated with Breezway Louvres
A formative aspect of the School’s philosophy is strength through gentleness. It is this aspect the innovative design by Blight Rayner sought to capture in forms, spaces, detail, and materials. The Marian Centre building specialises in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) helping to fulfil one of the Schools’ ambitions, to educate young women to be leaders in research and application that will make the world a better place.

It comprises conventional laboratories and classrooms as well as flexible layouts that enable interaction between disciplines. Facing the school lawn to the west is an amphitheatre for outdoor teaching and social use that leads up to a main level from which an openable auditorium extends up to the penultimate level of the building. The auditorium is a further social space when not in use for lectures.

All circulation spaces in the building are naturally ventilated. The undulating screens at either end allow classrooms and laboratories to open up to the elements, and operable glazing through the use of Breezway Louvre Windows along the long edges promote air cross-flow throughout the building.

The traditional owners and ongoing custodians of the land are the Yuggera people.

This project was recognised with a Commendation at the 2021 LEA Awards for Excellence in Educational Facilities.

Architect: Blight Rayner
Website: blightrayner.com.au
Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones
Website: www.cfjphoto.com.au

St Peters Lutheran College

St Peters Lutheran College

St Peters Lutheran College

For the Junior High Precinct at St Peters Lutheran College Springfield, the College were passionate about maintaining their “small school” feel even as their pupil numbers grow; ensuring that any built works were reflective of the culture and values of the College.
Strategically placed Breezway Louvres for fresh, natural ventilation
The College has come of age and is a successful College where the culture sets it apart from other schools. Family, community, nurturing, journey; these words resonated throughout briefing discussions with McLellan Bush Architects. Designed as a catalyst for new learning and teaching methods, the Junior High Precinct steps towards new adaptable spaces and celebrates students’ transition into secondary education by creating personalised, user centric spaces for students and teachers to enjoy and thrive in. These include:

  • Flexible learning environments for agile, enquiry-based learning and community spaces for passive pastoral care and belonging;
  • Efficient learning environments that provide value for money. That is, areas being able to adapt and often perform a number of functions;
  • A community hub for the designated cohort, the school community and the Greater Springfield community; reinforcing the St Peters culture of inclusion and welcomeness;
  • A space to host art shows, performances, movies and breakout space both within and outside timetabled lessons.

This contemporary precinct encapsulates the College’s desire for continuous improvement and innovation. It represents a fresh new direction for St Peters Lutheran College Springfield, while reinforcing their existing culture.

Breezway Louvre Windows are strategically positioned throughout the school, at high levels and lower levels to stimulate air movement throughout the learning areas. Through abundant natural ventilation, learning areas are comfortable for students and teachers, increasing productivity levels and reducing the transmission of illnesses throughout the year.

St Peters Lutheran College Junior High Precinct has been awarded the 2021 AIA Regional Commendation (McLellan Bush Architects).

Architect: McLellan Bush Architects
Website: www.mclellanbush.com.au/
Photographer: Angus Martin Photography
Website: angusmartinphotography.com