Award Winning GreenSmart Home

Award Winning GreenSmart Home

Award Winning GreenSmart Home


This tropical renovation, designed and built by La Perouse Homes, has transformed an iconic 1950’s Darwin elevated house into a family-friendly, sustainable home.

Breezway Louvres are great in the bathroom to provide plenty of fresh ventilation
Floor to ceiling Breezway Louvres with standard handles and glass blades
Living room with Breezway Louvre Windows and wooden door panels with glass
Multiple bays of Breezway Louvres provide natural light and ventilation in the bedroom

Large bays of Breezway Louvre Windows have been sporadically placed throughout the renovated building in conjunction with wooden, glass-panelled doors to invite fresh, cooling breezes into the home.

The Breezway Louvre bays offer versatility. Unlike other windows, the louvres can be opened on an angle when it is raining. Breezes still enter but the house stays dry.

The well-ventilated, energy efficient space has been designed to suit its tropical climate, using clever energy management to create spaces that require minimal intervention to be comfortable all year round.

The renovation of the 1950’s home reused and repurposed as much of the original structure as possible, including the original 1956 staircase which was restored to its former glory before being placed into a new position. Other recycled materials helped to minimise site waste, benefiting the environment throughout the renovation.

In the garden stands an iconic Tarmarind tree that survived both cyclones, Tracy and Marcus, and helps provide shading on the home during hot summer days.

GreenSmart Home with Breezway Louvres

This project has won the following awards:

  • 2019 CSR HIA Australian GreenSmart Renovation/Addition Award and GreenSmart Sustainable Award.
  • 2019 MBA Excellence in Building and Construction – Alteration or Addition over $400,000.
  • 2019 HIA Northern Territory Renovation/Addition Project

Builder: La Perouse Homes
Phone: 0451 109 440

Fabricator: Easy Glass Services
Phone: 08 8947 3279

Environmentally Friendly Compact Yet Spacious Home

Environmentally Friendly Compact Yet Spacious Home

Environmentally Friendly Compact Yet Spacious Home


The Gavin Street Residence is an example of POD’s (People Oriented Design) philosophy of the Least House Necessary. It supports simple, low consumption living choices that encourage a connection with nature. It is an efficiently designed three bedroom, tropical, sustainable home that sits comfortably on the lower flanks of the McAlister Range, north of Cairns.

High level Breezway Louvres with manual control
Entrance to Residential Home with Breezway Louvres
Cross ventilation is optimised through Breezway Louvres on multiple walls
Bathroom area with natural ventilation

The narrow floor plan captures breezes to naturally ventilate the house through the use of Breezway Altair Louvre Windows and minimises the reliance on air conditioning. Verandas front and back provide deep shade, while all areas of the house enjoy 180 degree views through the treetops to the nearby Coral Sea.

Indoor and outdoor living connect seamlessly with a large covered breezeway forming the central axis of the house, separating living and sleeping zones. The house includes sustainable materials, finishes and fixtures selections in mixed Australian hardwood timber floors, clear finished plywood ceilings to the living area, and low VOC and low emission products in joinery and cabinetwork.

This project received a regional commendation in the 2019 Australian Institute of Architects Residential Category. It then went on to compete for a State residential award in Queensland.

Architect: People Orient Design (POD)
Tel: 07 4041 0292

Beauty, Style and Elegance in Highfields

Beauty, Style and Elegance in Highfields

Beauty, Style and Elegance in Highfields


This custom project located in Highfields has been designed and built by the wonderful Team at Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions Toowoomba East. The stunning four bedroom, three bathroom plus two garage home boasts open plan living, a large outdoor entertainment area and a spacious kitchen with butler’s pantry.

Breezway louvres with a mix of satina and clear glass provides privacy and natural light in bathrooms
Breezway Louvres either side of sliding doors to maintain outdoor views in the living room
Stunning home in Highfields using Breezway Louvre Windows
A mix of clear glass and frosted glass blades provide views and privacy in the butlers pantry

Breezway Louvre Windows have been integrated throughout the design in almost every room of the house. By using Breezway Louvres next to fixed lite glazing, crystal clear outdoor views of the breath-taking surrounding landscape can be enjoyed. And when blades are wide open, fresh breezes filter into the home to keep it naturally comfortable all year round. This helps to reduce the need for air conditioning in summer and prevents moisture build-up during cooler months.

The builder’s client specified Breezway Louvre Windows for the home design as they trusted the product. In addition, the ability to customise each louvre window was also highly regarded – more specifically being able to use half frosted satina glass and half clear glass in the bathrooms and butler’s pantry to provide natural light and privacy.

Builder: Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions Toowoomba East
Tel: 07 4526 7222

Photographer: Statik Illusions
Tel: 0405 159 588

Luxurious & Sophisticated Home that Embraces its Natural Attributes

Luxurious & Sophisticated Home that Embraces its Natural Attributes

Luxurious & Sophisticated Home that Embraces its Natural Attributes


This project is located on a unique site in Queensland’s iconic and pristine Noosa Heads, overlooking Laguna Bay and the North Shore. Designed by Annette Warner, the new build respects and embraces the natural attributes of the land and was designed to be sold as a complete home/furniture package.

Unique interior design coupled with Breezway Louvres for a luxurious and sophisticated home environment
Outdoor view of pool and entertaining area with Breezway Louvres
Living area utilising Breezway Louvres for natural ventilation
Dining area with strategic placement of Breezway Louvres for cross flow ventilation

The open plan design utilises Breezway Louvre Windows in most areas of the home to maximise ventilation and minimise any visual barriers between the interior and exterior.

With clear outdoor views and interior finishes that are sophisticated in style and complementary to the style of the home, the developer and designer are thrilled with the overall form and function.

Home & Interior Design: Annette Warner Pty Ltd. Building Design Consultants
Phone: 0412 711 868

Builder: Hutchinson Builders

Photographer: Jason Smith Photography
Phone: 07 5329 3086

Uninterrupted Air Flow, Harmonious Palette, Contemporary Townhouse

Uninterrupted Air Flow, Harmonious Palette, Contemporary Townhouse

Uninterrupted Air Flow, Harmonious Palette, Contemporary Townhouse


This project is a successful example of medium density housing on an inner city suburban block. Receiving the 2017 AIA Regional Awards Commendation, this elegant Toowong dwelling has gained a unique identity through the use of custom vinyl glazing graphics and provides natural cross ventilation using Breezway Altair Louvre Windows.

Internal perspective of large Breezway Louvre in living room to natural ventilate the area
Fixed lite glazing combined with Breezway Louvres help frame a view but allows air flow when needed
Interesting facade using Breezway Louvre Windows
Close up of Breezway louvres installed above and next to fixed lite glazing

The critical element informing the conceptual framework for the project was context, both the local context of the greater precinct and immediate context of the adjacent existing Queenslander onsite, which is reinterpreted not only in shape and proportion, but also in experience.

The three rear dwellings repeat this concept to form a set of ‘glued together’ houses. Being in a neighbourhood dominated by houses, this approach manages to retain the comforting scale for the individual and provides identity to each dwelling while still achieving homogeneity. Being a developer driven project, the feasibility hinged on the addition of the fifth dwelling on a mere 760m2 site which in turn tipped the scale in favour of value over cost.

The contemporary three-storey townhouse references the shape, architectural elements and materials of the classic Queenslander. Elements such as uninterrupted air flow are consistent with both Queenslanders and this new contemporary interpretation.

A harmonious and minimalist palette of finishes and colours includes relief tiles, which create a play of light and shadow throughout the day.

Living spaces extend into the landscape through the use of Breezway Altair Louvre Windows. The combination of Breezway Louvres and fixed lite glazing have been designed to take maximum advantage of the city views while offering protection from the sun through automatically controlled venetian blinds.

Floor and ceiling finishes seamlessly continue outside to further add to the felling of spaces extending outdoors.

Architect: Refresh Design
Phone: 0415 082 882

Builder: Bespoke Constructions
Phone: 07 3844 1007

Christopher Frederic Jones

Roger D’Souza

Cathy Schusler