Testimonials from Specifiers to Home Owners

“We used a lot of Breezway Louvres in this renovation because you can angle the breeze in, maximise views and ventilation.”
Tamica Lewis

Building Designer, Tempus Design Studio, Tropical Abode

“Breezway Louvres are great for cross ventilation, safety on multiple stories and keeping the weather out so we find they are a great solution for our projects.”
Chris Clout

Building Designer, Chris Clout Design, Modern Beachside Dwelling

“Powerlouvre windows were used in the gaming area to let smoke escape and to achieve privacy from the outside of the building. The client can alternate the airflow when it rains, as well as retaining privacy. Louvres in the dining area were used to achieve a level of comfort for the patrons when eating their meals.”
Ian Lewis

Director, Air View Aluminium, Mary Ellen Hotel

“Ventilation was important for this school project and the Breezway Powerlouvres were perfect for the job.”
Peter Males

Project Manager, St Paul's Grammar School, St Paul's Grammar School

“Maximising natural air flow is crucial when designing cool homes for the tropics. We know that good quality Altair Louvres were the only option for this project.”
Kent Hams

Director, Kenick Constructions, , 9.5 Star Energy Rated Home, FNQ

“Breezway Louvres solve the requirements of good ventilation, safety, easy of cleaning and sound barrier all in one.”
Annabelle Chapman

Director, Annabelle Chapman Architect, Palm Beach House, NSW

“Living in small spaces brings you closer to every detail of a design. So choice of windows was crucial to us. Breezway Louvres are elegantly detailed and give you such direct control of the temperature, airflow, and in the case of frosted louvres, privacy. They’re super comfortable to operate and look fantastic. Cleaning can be done entirely from inside – that’s something other window types don’t offer.”
Lara Nobel & Andrew Carter

Owners & Architects, The Tiny House Company, The Tiny House Project

“For the Iglu student housing project in Chatswood, we were looking to maximise ventilation and views for each apartment. Breezway louvres were an ideal solution, as they effectively doubled the amount of free air that we were able to provide, while the frameless glass allowed for unimpeded views out of the building.”
Basil Richardson

Associate Director, Bates Smart Architects, Iglu Student Accommodation

“We had to push through a fair bit of contractor/sub-contractor resistance for our specification of the Altair Louvres to be adopted in the Iglu project but we are delighted with the results (improved airflow, noise reduction, aesthetics etc) over the first 6 months life of the building.”
Jonathan Gliksten

Director, Iglu Pty Ltd, Iglu Student Accommodation

“Breezway Louvres enable us to tailor specific ventilation paths within each room so as to maximise user comfort. Our clients often comment on how easy it is to manage ventilation to suit the prevailing conditions. I’ve been a specifier of Breezway Louvres on every housing project I’ve done thus far.”
Paul O'Reilly

Architect, Archterra Architects, Dawesville Project

“In the recent over 100Km per Hour storm in Adelaide, including heavy rain and fine horizontally driven hail, not a drop of water nor any air penetrated our newly installed substantial installation of Breezway Louvre Windows on a wall facing South West (the direction of the storm). We were very pleased with the incredible performance of this highly exposed louvre window wall.”

Architect, Guy Maron Architects

Testimonials from Cyclone Yasi, February 2011

“I incorporated Altair Louvres into my home to maintain that tropical look and to make the most of natural ventilation. We have Altair Louvres installed on most walls of the house and experienced no leaks anywhere from the louvres after Cyclone Yasi (which was a category 3 in Townsville).” Read the full story
Damien Ferguson

Building Designer, Townsville

“I incorporated Breezway Louvres into the design for their natural ventilation benefits and performance. Not only did our Altair Louvres perform exceptionally well during Cyclone Yasi, but they also look great and assist with noise reduction in the bedrooms.” Read the full story
David Skinner

Builder, Townsville

“We experienced category 5 winds from the north and south and are very pleased with the performance of our Breezway Louvres. They were specified by our designer due to Breezway’s reputation and their energy efficiency. We didn’t install air conditioning because of the natural breezes we can capture. We also have flyscreens so we can leave the louvres open without worrying about insects.” Read the full story
Ron Taylor

Homeowner, Mission Beach

“We’ve been in the house for almost two years now and I have to say I am absolutely wrapped with Breezway Altair Louvre Windows. I love the style of louvres and really wanted that ‘louvre look’. Now after going through Cyclone Yasi, I have to say I am even more impressed with them due to their performance. I would definitely recommend Breezway Altair Louvres to anyone building or renovating a home.” Read the full story
Wayne Kentish

Homeowner, Mission Beach

“Our builder recommended we install Breezway Louvres when we were renovating this house due to their very good reputation. We are very happy with how well the Altair Louvres held up during Cyclone Yasi considering we live right across from the beach. I would highly recommend Altair Louvres to anyone simply because it is a logical product to install to control cross ventilation into the home.” Read the full story
Preston Clothier

Homeowner, Mission Beach

“I installed Breezway Altair Louvre galleries because they look great and catch the breeze nicely. They should have leaked by rights but in this case worked really well. I’ve never needed to use the air conditioning in the two years that I’ve lived here.” Read the full story
John Arrowsmith

Homeowner, Mission Beach

“Breezway Altair Louvres held up good in Cyclone Yasi as we got hit from all directions. I chose to install Breezway Altair Louvres due to their good reputation.” Read the full story
Ashlee Jones

Builder, Mission Beach

“We have security screens installed to the outside of the louvres to prevent intruders into the office. We have air conditioning installed and we use it mostly in the mornings when there is no breeze or when we need to close them up to reduce outside noise when we are having meetings.” Read the full story

Ingham Community Centre

“We had a window fabricator recommend Breezway Louvres. I am happy we did because they didn’t leak at all during cyclone Yasi. Our whole house has louvres installed and I would not have used anything else but Breezway. I would highly recommend the product to anyone else. I am very happy with the Altair Louvres due to their cross ventilation.” Read the full story
Lorraine Durham

Homeowner, Cardwell

“We installed Breezway Louvres simply because they are more modern than sliding windows and they provide great cross ventilation. The louvres performed well during Cyclone Yasi and we are so happy with them. They are such a great product. We have air conditioning installed but only use it when the wind gets too gusty and noisy up here on the hill.” Read the full story
Neville Brow

Homeowner, Mission Beach

“We have used the Breezway louvre system in several of our new houses and are very impressed with their performance during the Cat 5 Cyclone Yasi. If you’re thinking of building or renovating I would highly recommend Breezway Altair Louvres on your next project.” Read the full story
Mark Watson

Builder, Mark Watson Constructions